Sunday, May 22, 2011

They Say It's a Crap Shoot...

To see the process I went through to paint this painting mentioned below go here. ...just getting art accepted into a juried show! Mixed Media/Collage/Fiber Art/Jewelry all compete in one category. I went to our art gallery's 34th Annual Juried Art Show last night; so happy to find my "Stop Bulling Now" art quilt tribute to Tyler Clemente and other gay victims of bullying had a spotlight on it show casing this piece and wall! I am so proud of this piece. Something I learned only last week makes it even more special and meaningful to me than before. When I was visiting Oregon last weekend my 21 yr old grandson shared with me that in high school he was horribly bullied for two years (he never told anyone then) and it really had a dire impact on his life. So I hope my art gets the message across that there can be zero tolerance for any sort of anyone!
I was given quite a surprise as I walked through the other rooms of the gallery! Water color category: David Peterson won first prize. His piece is called "Your Town". He won last years show too and was jurors choice. He was also the artist I took a watercolor workshop from and shortly there after did the painting that won 2nd place at the Dixon May Fair earlier this month called "Class of 2010". And here she is again! I did not know that it had won a prize when I went to the reception last night. I knew it made it into the show, which is an accomplishment in it's self, but not that it got a ribbon and 2nd place! (AGAIN) I am still
completely bowled a state of disbelief! This beautiful watercolor won third place. Called "Market Day" by Marcellene Feerer.
This lovely cacti watercolor got into the show but did not win a prize!
And Honorable mention went to G.W. Garvin for "Almost Coffee"...
I share all these as again, the competition is incredible...and I am so humbled.


  1. Your art is amazing Lynn and no surprise to me that it won a prize! Congratulations!!

    And yes, No to bullying anywhere, anytime!

  2. Oh Wow Lynn!!!
    Great piece on that bullying.....wish the ones who bully would see it but they are probably to busy bullying others....
    Sounds negative but my oldest was bullied also in ground school. I came to a point I could nearly attack them myself.......

    How wonderful you won second price!!!! And so well deserved I loved that piece when you made it and still do!!!!

    Enjoy this feeling of euphoria as long as you can

    have a great weekend!

  3. congrats on the prize and great bullying quilt. did you make another on this theme?? Yes, bask in all the wonderful feedback on your art.

  4. Well done Lynn. Bet your as pleased and punch about your wins.

  5. Congratulations. That is wonderful. Twice it was second place and to take second place with your ONE TIME Teacher taking First that is awesome and you did that painting AFTER you took his workshop. Congrats on the No bulling quilt getting its own spotlight and someone is looking at it I see. Well deserved because you get out there and DO..

  6. awww, lynn, how great!!

    i want to see your 'class of 2010' up close. you probably shared it before i became a blog buddy?

    what a statement by and for you that your piece on bullying is so prominent, as it should be. you have a good heart lynn, the more i visit you, the more i can see that.

    GGRRRRRRR to bullies!!!!


  7. Congrats Lynn!!! I am so happy your are bringing the message of ZERO bullying to the forefront...I can't understand why it happens (I mean I do, but just don't want it to) is sad for all concerned. I hope your grandson can overcome any detriments it caused in his life. He is in my prayers.

  8. Your art is so beautiful Lynn .... I see heart in your art :)

    The bullying piece is inspiring. Inspiring in many levels ... Including creating art from the heart and to the heart.

    Well done.

  9. Lynn, how wonderful for you!! Congrats to your prizes. The quilt is amazing and I admire its cause - and yes, you are so right about zero tolerance for any kind of bullying. I heartfully agree.

  10. Way to go Lynn. Congrats. Your collection of ribbons is growing.

  11. Congratulations, Lynn!!! Well deserved!! Your quilt truly IS very special. Thanks for sharing this special evening with us! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  12. I am so behind in visiting and commenting but couldn't let this slip by without adding my congrats for the lovely and meaningful art that you do!

  13. Patti, thanks, I am still in disbelief!

    Marianne, thanks ever so much. and so sorry your son also was a victim of bullying abuse.

    Suki, I did make the three hanging hearts, also anti bullying, that were in a show at the Lawler House Gallery a month ago.

    Judith, you can say that again!

    Halle, welcome and thanks!

    Cris, thanks for all your kind and supportive words. on the photo to enlarge and Check this link: to see the process of that painting and a close up view.

    Julie my grandson is doing much better, thanks. But he had a few/too many very difficult years due to this.

    Kimmie thanks so much.

    Carola, I so appreciate your words here. Thanks.

    Lisa, right you are. LOL thanks!

    Terri K. thank you! Thank you!

    Teri and cats, thank you too.

    I realy appreciate all of you coming here today to offer your congrats. It's been a real rush!

  14. Wow, a double winner!! Congrats, Lynn!

    I love that bullying quilt too. And I love the photos of people taking the time to read the powerful message. As I said before, I was beaten and bullied so often in junior high school.

    You've come a million miles since you first started getting your feet wet!!



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