Friday, May 6, 2011

Mexican Primroses; Scrappy Kitty Journal Quilt; and Hard Night

The Mexican Primroses are coming out and will trail across the back yard for the whole long length of it. No idea how many years ago I planted these, but they come back faithfully every year and beautify my back garden.
The 3Creative Studios color palate is blues this month and I just grabbed some scraps from my last large quilt endeavor and sewed these pieces together...for a "Scrappy Kitty" journal quilt. Not a favorite for me, however I can see my little grand daughter playing with it to cover her dolls.
Hard night was DH at the ER with excruciating pain due it seems to kidney stones. He looked and sounded like a woman in very very very hard labor. He said if that was what it was like to have kids he'd see the world depopulated. He's doing better this morning. Hope it's over, but nothing large passed.


  1. Lovely they flower for long?
    Poor man, I do hope he's feeling better very soon..Heard it before and it always sounds funny..If men had babies...etc!!

  2. Pretty primroses. Is life a paradise on primrose lane? :) Cute killy quilt too. Sure hope DH is going to be ok. OUCH is all I can say.

  3. You have a pretty garden Lynn.

    I hope DH is past the worst of it soon!

  4. Your scrappy quilt will be nice for your Granddaughter. I think it is cute. Kidney stones are horrible. It doesn't take a large one to make you terribly uncomfortable. I hope your Hubby feels better soon.

  5. Poor DH! I've heard that was very painful. Lovely primroses - I have some yellow ones that are just as faithful

  6. Love those Primrose! I hope your hubby can pass that stone...that is a rough thing to go through...I feel for him, big time!!!
    Cute little kitty quilt!!!

  7. gosh it must have been so scary for him. and you. hope he will be okay. lovely flowers.


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