Friday, May 6, 2011

Dixon May Fair!

We took a short jaunt up the freeway to the Dixon May fair. I am not a follower of fairs. Have never been to a state fair; and the last county fair I went to was in my youth. This one is small and it's quaint, very small town. But it draws some very commendable art. I took so many photos I had to put them in I hope if you have time you can enlarge them and see details.
Places to eat were in abundance! And the choices plentiful from sea food to hot dogs and lots of meat being grilled for sandwiches and fresh lemonade! There was live music and of course a huge Ferris wheel and other adventurous rides.
We went into the fine arts building to see the paintings and photography.
We found that a good teacher friend of DH's had entered and won on her blue watercolor on the far right top row below.
I was pleased to see that the two watercolors I had entered into the novice category (painting five years or less/for me it's much less) both won prizes: a 2nd and a 3rd prize ribbon!
They can be seen in the second row below left and middle.
The red flower third row first photo won first prize in my category.
There was lots of very good photography. Some I felt deserved ribbons did not have any like the elder hands third row middle! And then there was wearable art.
That first row middle paper dress was very very cute and well constructed.
And in the second row first photo on the left is a pendant like
the ones Mim makes!!
My art quilts got put into a category called Miscellaneous!
There was no art quilt category. So I was in competition with the quilts you see here below. The only one that I would consider an art quilt is in the first photo top left
with the blue first place ribbon. It was lovely.
My sunflower won a third prize.
It was fun to see them all hanging so proudly! &&& And here are some more traditional quilts that were note worthy Chickens rop left are for you Cris...
And bottom row center is a nice memory quilt that won a prize too. In my book prize winners all! I hope this brings back fun memories of your childhood fair going in summers past.


  1. Well done you!! You deserve it...
    I'm not a great fair goer..but they do look rather interesting!!
    Take care

  2. I love fairs.Congrats !!!

  3. I can't even remember the last time I was at a fair--this one looked like fun! And congratulations on your well-deserved ribbons.

  4. congrats at all your prizes. the fair looks like fun

  5. what a wonderful time you had, and all those prizes, you are great, whatever you touch is a success. marvellous.

  6. Oh what fun. And Congrats on the ribbons won.. Well deserved. I love a good fair. We lived by The Orange County Fair in CA and I entered it every year. it used to go a couple weeks and then they extended it to a Month. We used to get free tickets to go to it because we did live so close to it and it was for nuisance of traffic.. So we went a lot. It spoilt me for any Fairs here tho. :) Loved the photos.

  7. I love fairs - all the animals and food and competitions. Lovely that you got recognition and had a good time

  8. Oh I forgot to mention the Chicken quilt.. OF COURSE I LOVED IT BEST.. LOL

  9. This must have been a really fun day. I remember the lemon stands from when I was a kid in California. Congrats! You always make such beautiful things.
    Hugs, Mary

  10. Congratulations, Lynn. I just love your sunflower quilt.

  11. I just love attending a good fair now and then. It's been quite a while since I've gone to one, but your lovely pics are bringing back some wonderful memories. Congrats on your ribbons! Well done! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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