Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting Ready For Baby Blessing Way/Shower; Clean Studio

Soon I'll go to my son and DILs for the Baby Blessing Way/Shower. We were told to bring a bead for a necklace that will be carried into the birthing/welcoming of this new baby. I built a bead with buttons and beads I had on hand using jewelry wire to hold them all together. I didn't give much thought to what I was creating when I put this together, but now I see the four directions: east, west, north and south, her choice of paths to travel in her growing up into adulthood; and I see two parents and two siblings in the beads on the sides. And maybe all the grandparents are the buttons in the middle. It's obvious she'll be surrounded by loved ones and feel safe and protected.
I'll wear it to the party around my neck using the blue embroidery floss until it's time to add it to the mix...
Today I went into cleaning mode starting with our refrigerator that looked like it hadn't been done in quite a while. DH is doing so much better than he was on Friday. Just tired from the exhaustion caused by dealing with such intense pain. But none since waking on Saturday morning. He read up on what foods and drinks are kidney stone forming so I dumped a lot of stuff (root beer for one! Two liter bottles down the drain!) I love a clean refrigerator.
And then I attacked my art studio (former family room). I forgot to take before photos
but just take my word for sparkles now where it was simply CLUTTER before.
The ironing board and card table cleared off and put away.
Boxes and bags that filled the space under my "design table in the back, where no design could be made it was so full of things on top and everything underneath was moved to bins in the garage. And lots was tossed in recycle and garbage cans too. I am ashamed to say I found the gourds I used to decorate my Thanksgiving table in a basket turning to mushy mold in a basket. Now the clean basket holds my collection of created art journal quilts.
It will be so welcoming to return home to now.
It just invites me to start making something new.


  1. And something new you will make!!! That is a given, girlfriend!!! Have a great time at the shower!!!

  2. You were one cleaning machine today. Makes you feel good doesnt it? The toy is cute. What cant you do? :)) I cant wait to see the baby shower photos next week.

  3. Cleaning can be so therapeutic. And you got a lot sone - glad DH is feeling better. Have fun at the shower

  4. Cleaning can be so therapeutic. And you got a lot sone - glad DH is feeling better. Have fun at the shower

  5. glad DH is feeling better and willing to change his diet. the bead, what a lovely idea--the whole thing. have a wonderful time at the shower.

    i always feel good when i tidy up my workspace. it looks so inviting to begin again!

  6. I LOVE that bead necklace you made for the shower. It really DOES symbolize many things. And I'm sorry you had all that cleaning to do, but I know how much better it feels once you are done. I can relate to moldy gourds, too!

  7. the bead necklace is magical. enjoy the shoer, and happy mom and gran day today.

  8. Pretty bead necklace and enjoy your day at the shower:)

  9. Your bead is marvelous. You are going to have such a good time and you won't feel guilty that you left a cluttered mess behind. This almost makes me want to get busy. Almost I say. tee hee.

  10. I am going to feel like I have a spring cleaning partner as I clean my house this month (starting today). My word for meditation on this is going to be SPARKLE. Makes me smile just thinking about it.


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