Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day: They went hiking I got phone calls and photos!

I had a happy lazy stay at home and knit all day, and watch good movies on TV kind of day.
My daughter called first in the early morning. We had a nice chat. She and her husband and the kids were having pancakes for breakfast; she got beaded bracelets from the kids that they made for her at school; and they were going hiking in the afternoon with the family up the street. My grand daughter and her BEST friend; and grandson and BFs little brother; and the two couples hiked in Tilden Park!
Later in the day my son (in bottom photo with his sister; and wife in the back) called me too.
We had a nice long talk and that was sweet and good in all ways!!!!
And today, my daughter in law called to wish me a happy Mother's Day too! And she and I talked about her baby she'll be having in August and her already wish for a second one!!!
So I feel very loved and cared about...and oh did I enjoy my day at home!


  1. Sweet ! So good to be close and loving with our families ! I am looking forward to seeing my Mom next week when she comes to my house in NH from her home in MOntreal Quebec for a nice long weekend. I want to spoil her some and get some good mommy loving in return !
    I hope you have a great week, Lynn !

  2. I hope your good feelings last a long time Lynn. It is too bad that our families live so spaced out. I have that too. It is a joy ot hear their voices.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me! Wonderful photos, such happiness on all their faces :)

    You are much loved Lynn!♥

  4. Great Mother's Day for you!!!

  5. Happy mother's day. I want you to know that you remind me of a friend of mine that I would love to have for a mother. I think you are precious! You are so connecting. Your children are very fortunate to have you for a mother!!!

    I made a really good dinner for my husband. I told him how blessed I was that he helped me be the kind of mother that I wanted to be.

    And I told him "Happy Mother's Day". He really showed me how to parent (love) my children.

  6. glad you had a peaceful day surrounded by loving words.

  7. Happy belated Mother's Day! So lovely that you had a wonderful one! Love the photos. xoxo

  8. there are wide smiles all around this post and these pictures, lynn. your daughter and family are beautiful.

    happy Mother's day from me to you.


  9. Happy belated Mothers Day Lynn!


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