Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gift Bags: NOT PINK!!!

My DIL does not want anything PINK for her baby girl coming in August!
So I have been very careful in my gift making
not to use PINK.
I made my gift bags from brown grocery bags
layered in guesso and PEACH paint.
You can see them hanging out to dry here: I used a photo of PEACHES I'd taken at a local farmers market last summer
and used my typewriter font rubber stamps to write
And here is the finished bag with one Mr. Teddy Bear (the dad) peeking out wishing you a Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Ha ha, love these "not pink" giftbags. You are a genius :-)

  2. I have a terrible feeling that this DIL will get a little girl that loves pink so maybe it is good that she doesn't want to see it at first. tee hee... Love your way of dealing with this mind set. HAW.

  3. fun. I used to not like pink myself although now i love it, such a soft flattering color.

  4. These are cute. I'm sure peach will be just fine.
    I enjoyed your Mother's Day photos. Boy, all of that family looks alike! LOL But they look very happy and I'm sure that made your day.

  5. LOL remember two years ago when I wasn't allowed to make anything PINK for Maggie either! She wears it occassionally now, but never on its own, mixed with navy blue usually! They all look fantastic.

  6. Oh you are such a smart using peach instead of pink. That bear is such a cutie

  7. Lynn, these bags are gorgeous - so creative, and the peaches look sooo yummy! And I just love Mr. Teddy!

  8. LOVE this--"not pink"--great!

  9. My DIL HATED pink (and lavender). Now that my Grand-daughter is 5, she's learned to tolerate it! Everything in that girl's room has a touch of pink! LOL! Love your gift bags - so creative! Hugs, Terri xoxo


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