Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gift Tags and Bags And Gratitudes

Yarn of all the colors of the blanket adorn this bag with a tag
to go on the knitted heart afghan and Gold Daddy Teddy Bear gift bag. To go on the kitty quilt and kitty taggies and baby bear gift bag.
To go on the little peach sweater; peach Mama bear; angel pin gift bag. Jackie is huge into angels. I also got her a little Lenox angel pin which will be with the other gifts. I had so much fun this morning! I decided the gift bags were not done yet. I got out the new typewriter font stamps and another smaller set of alphabet stamps to add words to the sides of the bags, which I painted first as I did the fronts in peach acrylic paint over white gesso. Those sparkly stars were a gift from Joss in the days when we used to trade ATCs. The kids are calling this baby shower a
"blessing way" Then I decided I could make matching gift tags so I cut up a piece of poster board
painted it peach
glued on some buttons and punched holes and ran yarn from the
knitted heart afghan around it
added some words
and an orange pipe cleaner to attach the tag to the bag! the next tag got a kitty stamp and cut outs from the fish bone fabric
and their names stamped on,
as this bag will hold the kitty quilt and taggies! I stamped my signature "Grandma Lynn" on the backs of all the tags. I am so ready for this "blessing way" to begin!
I have a post script from the Dixon May Fair event too.
When I got the art home I discovered that on the back of the paper with
my name and the name of my art piece on it
there was also a
# of votes on each of the quilts;
They each got 5, 5, 7, and 15 votes.
The art quilt with the most votes was
"Stop Bullying Now"
I am so grateful that so many people stopped to view and read that quilt
and let me know that they liked it!
What are you feeling grateful about today?
And how are you entertaining yourself?


  1. Your 'stop bullying now' quilt was fabulous, I'm not surprised it got the most votes!

  2. Your gift tags and bags are also a gift. They are so thoughtful. Today I am having a garden tour. Friends of friends are coming here then we go to another garden. It will be fun.

  3. Those font stamps are so cool. I love the tags you created. Congratulations on your viewers choice award!!! Whoohoo.

  4. Lynn, the bags and tags are gorgeous. I love the font stamps, they look great. And yay! for all the votes you got - you deserve it!!

  5. Wow you are really moving on the gift bags - what fun the shower is going to be - I mean blessing way!

  6. These beautiful tags are going to be treasured keepsakes along with your lovely gifts from the heart. Awesome! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  7. wonderful stuff Lynn! And congrats on the quilt votes :)

    I'm grateful for finding trusting petsitters so I can actually have quality getaway time with hubby!

    I'm glad Henry liked his postcard :)


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