Friday, May 13, 2011

NEW Tags;Sides of Bags! And Bears!

My bags kept calling out to me for MORE, do more so this one got yarn from all the colors in the baby heart afghan steaming down!!! I got out my new unused typewriter font rubber stamps and played with them more too.
Made tags using smaller rubber stamp alphabet letters, yarn and other embellishments...
this one for the kitty quilt with fabric pieces...and a kitty stamp...
Jackie loves angels; and I got her an angel pin in Lenox; the date is her due date!
the sparkly flowers are a gift from Joss when we used to trade ATCs...thanks Joss!
The day is called Blessing Way/Shower!!!!
My big Grandma Lynn signature is on the back of all three tags!
We are all going to the shower now!
See ya later!
and with everyone's help he can get it off the ground in multiple forms:
hard copy; and many more techie modes as well. Go to the site and learn about it
and if you can send a few bucks it could help him make this happen.
In some cases your donation gives you a copy of the book.
He has 15 days to raise a bit over $2000 more.
Thanks if you can help.
He'll be grateful and so will I.


  1. I hope you are leaving that pink bear at home. LOL. love the bags. have a great time at the party.

  2. OH MY how I love love love the distress painted paper bag! As the proclaimed Stampmaiden, I give you the big "stamp of approval" on your usage of rubber stamps!!! Very cool!!

  3. Tags, bags and Bears, "OH MY"
    Do you sleep? Have a great day miss busy girl, busy sweet girl. Hugs, Mary


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