Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Perfect Weekend in Portand: Baby Blessing Way

This weekend was ever so sweet, definitely as sweet as this beautiful cake to commemorate the celebration. I counted at least 45 guests, and more kept coming through out the afternoon so no idea
exactly the head count... But lots of old time community friends, co workers from the Waldorf school where Jackie is principal; family including three grandma's and one grand pa, two siblings and some friends who have been around long enough to be considered family. Jackie's mom flew out from New York; and I flew up from California. This is me with my Grandson who turns 21 in just a few days time. He is the sweetest young man and we enjoyed a catching up talk until the wee hours of the night~! And he drove me to the airport on Monday! xoxoxoxo Brenda is his mom, and even though no longer married to my son still very much a part of the family. I love her dearly too.
Kaeli was our hostess and my grand daughter who will be 18 in September.
Here she greeted us and holds the pitcher of water for the
foot washing ritual to follow. Jackie was pampered with her feet in rose water and rose petals; hair brushed by husband;
and whatever Trisha was saying to her that the rest of us could not hear.
We also sent a ball of yarn around the room each of us wrapping it a few times
around one wrist, thus connecting us all together and to this baby...
We each gave Jackie a bead we brought for the occasion and each spoke
about the elements and/or meaning of their bead and it's
significance for Jackie and the baby.
Even the little kids in attendance participated and it was so sweet to hear them speak
about their bead gifts. The man in black in the back is my first husband with his wife in front of him. This is their lovely home.
Father and daughter. She is really excited about having a baby sister.
Jackie opened her many gifts and yes, all that I made was dearly
loved and appreciated.
Jackie said that she could see that a lot of love
went into the making of each gift. She loved her little Lenox angel pin too.
Dan liked the Teddy Bears!
This little sweater got lots of ohhs and ahhs.
And the kitty quilt was a big hit too!
Jackie and Dan got lots more wonderful gifts from others but if I put them here
this post would be a book! I had plenty of time (three days) with family to talk, walk together, eat,
oh boy did we ever eat!!! Such good food, nurturing and some lovingly made
and presented;
It was such a special weekend.
Flying there and then again home above the clouds
was utter perfection
of all I experienced and then some!
Thank you for sharing in my joy with me.


  1. Lovely pics, what a wonderful blessing. So glad your kitty quilt was well received too :-)

  2. What a perfect weekend--and such a special celebration--very cool. And I knew that your gifts would be loved--how could they not be???
    I know that they are very excited--it's such a special time welcoming a new little person into your life.

  3. Sounds like the perfect family gathering. I am so glad it was all you hoped for and more.

  4. What a lovely life celebration ! So wonderful to see family sharing the joy this way.
    You are so blessed, Lynn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just love the way your family celebrates so many occasions. My heart swells with the love and warmth.

  6. this is so amazing - you are all so civil and loving - it's just wonderful.

  7. What a great time at the shower...and and your gifts we get to see opened too! Thanks for sharing with us! Thank God for digital age!!!

  8. Thanks to all of you too for coming to celebrate with us.
    It was the most awesome weekend.
    Thanks again.

  9. You had a wonderful time!Beautiful pictures and who would not love your quilts, sweaters and those fun stuff that you make? The cloud pic is fab!


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