Thursday, May 19, 2011

Henry Got Mail! and Festival Blanket???

Henry is always told about his friends who leave comments on Animal Wednesday and he knows he has a huge fan base. But this was his first actual mail!!!! He was so excited. It came from Laurel at Studio Lolo and he thanks her so so much! It really made his day!
How she found this picture of him is beyond us, but here he is
lazing the day away in his hammock!
He spent all of Animal Wednesday pouncing on my latest project:
a "festival blanket" I am making at my son's request for
dancing on this summer with groups of his friends and kids.
I used a bag of upholstery fabric samples and sewed them together.
Here it has reached a 65 X 67 inch size, but it needs to be 90" square! I decided to wash it to see if it might shrink as this is mostly non washable fabrics and sure enough it lost 2" all around.
I may have to start all over...but in the meantime, Henry loves it and it can always
become a background for a wall hanging in whole or part(s)!
It was fun to see it come together!
Happy belated Animal Wednesday on Thursday!


  1. How cute that Henry got mail. Next, a movie called "You've got mail." starring HEnry of course. Or was that already done??LOL

  2. It is a nice henry blanket.
    I don't understand inches but can't you just make it bigger or smaller to get the right size?
    Wonderful postcard from Lo!
    Yeah henry is famous and popular!

    Have a nice day!

  3. That Lolo is an awesome friend. I can see why it made Henry's day!!!

  4. Henry is such a superstar! I love seeing hinm in his hammock!

    Nice big blanket!

  5. Suki: LOL He is ready to shoot his first film waiting for his agent to call.

    Marianne: the blanket will have to be washed a lot as it will be used on wet or damp grass for dancing on at festivals in the summer in Oregon. I did iron it and it had not shrunk as much as I originally thought. So am continuing. Soon it will be big enough.

  6. Henry is a blessed cat for sure. He gets so many beautiful things to play on. Gets his own mail for goodnes sakes. HAW.

  7. Henry! My love, you have another girlfriend besides me :-). What a sweetie Lolo is. Lovely blanket!
    Glad you had fun in Portland at the shower! xoxo

  8. I love Henry :)

    But oh! Surely you don't have to start over!?!?!

  9. No, not starting over Kimmie...I ironed it and it went almost all the way back to size so will proceed. I think if I quilt it tight enough it should retain it's size after many washings. Hope so anyway.

  10. Henry is wonderful!!! Oh, I love cats. The neighbors' cat has "adopted" me and loves to hang out in the hammock with me. A nap with a cat is just the cat's meow!

  11. Carola, you've got that right!!!!

  12. Lovely blanket...maybe add a border?? to increase size..
    Lucky Henry, wwe all love mail, don't we?
    Take care

  13. Jude I've only just begun. There are thirty more inches of these fabric sample squares/rectangles to add yet and then a binding for sure! Maybe a border too. I was worried about shrinkage after it's all done, but washed it and not much was think it is going to be just fine.

  14. Sweet postcard...very thoughtful and a gr8 quilt!

  15. I love the way it was addressed to "Henry Cohen" -so cute.

  16. Bleubeard is incredibly jealous that Henry not only got mail, he got to lounge and play on the blanket all afternoon. What fun he must have had.

  17. OMG! I Just took a huge box of upholstery peices like this to the Goodwill!!! I had the box sitting around forever and decided I would never do anything with it. You did...great idea!!! AND>>>King Henry loves it!!!

  18. That Lo! She does the most wonderful things! (Even a "Cat-Stamp") Henry (I am sure was thrilled!)

    He IS the Cat-King of the West!

    Hugs from San FRancisco,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  19. I wish there was a tabby cat stamp, but oh well! I'm so glad he liked it :)

    The quilt is wonderful! What an interesting request. Think of how many happy feet will be dancing on it soon!♥

  20. Looks for like the quilt is for Henry (not your son) to dance on. Too cute! One day I hope to own a quilt from you.

  21. Henry knows what he likes. I think he is adorable. And the magic of mail...puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur!

  22. What a fab card and what a fab blanket, I think Henry should keep this one ha ha.I bet henry will be watching for the mail man every day from now on.


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