Monday, May 2, 2011

Taggies Made; Hand Quilting Done; Thread Painting Started

Taggies are a good use of left over squares from my baby quilt. A taggie is a feel good toy for a baby made like a tiny quilt. They can grasp it by the ribbons sticking out of the sides, they can chew on it, they can look at the pictures, and enjoy textures. Every baby needs a few of these so one can be in the wash and one in hand at all times. They take about five minutes or less to make! I spent most of Saturday and Sunday hand quilting the baby quilt using "invisible thread". I am giving you a close up so you can maybe find the stitches. If you enlarge the picture you might see them running along the outer part of the blue border and across the red sash at top of the picture. But I dare you to see all the stitches that are in the ditches between EVERY STRIP of kitty fabric!
I'd never before hand quilted anything of this size before. I finally got the hang of it and discarded the hoop I bought and did it all "by hand".
The back is three pieces of fabric sewn together. After it was washed the quilting happened, and you can see the gathers of it on the back best; but you can feel it front and back in person!
Those light stripes are sunlight coming through the window blinds.
I am also thread painting a project that cannot yet be revealed...but stay tuned.
I washed the quilt, the knitted heart blanket and the striped baby sweater. They are now so soft and cuddly. I made labels from paper backed silk that goes in the printer. The labels say
Made for You
With Love Grandma Lynn
Machine wash, gentle cycle.
**** They are sewn to the backs of the blanket and quilt and the inside bottom fronts of the sweaters.
**** And now I am knitting a wool diaper bag that will be felted
and sewn together when done.
And yes, I am having fun yet!


  1. lovely items. you are so full of original ideas. they roll in like the tide.

  2. I've just had a lovely catch up of your blog Lynn and it's wonderful. That quilt is gorgeous and I love the idea of the 'Taggies'. I must make some of those. You are such a creative talent.

  3. Wonderful Lynn. Can't wait to see thread painting.

  4. More beautiful things created by Lynn!!

  5. I have never heard of Taggies before.. What a great idea. and the baby quilt is adorable. That baby is going to be one fancy spoilt baby. :)))

  6. It must be California! Sun rays and ocean breezes coming in from the west! You are simply amazing!!!

  7. You are all way too kind to me. I am having fun. Can't seem to juggle enough projects at a time lately. thanks for all your continued support, kudos, and visits! Love you all!!!

  8. Hi Lynn, I came across your blog while researching hand-quilting with invisible has the quilt worn so far? I'm getting mixed info that it's too abrasive, but your baby quilt looks great.


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