Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun Art Gallery Tour Day, Patty and I had!

Patty got to my house at 11:30 a.m., I had been up since six working on the baby quilt! (more about that on my next post)...we took off for Davis, me with maps and an itinerary safe in my purse. I had our day planned out. Drove around a bit looking for a parking place (this becomes important later)... and then found our way to the Pence Art Gallery. I bought a funky beaded ring in the gift shop for $3. I was looking around the shop for the single fabric pocket I'd made and brought to sell there with many others that I knew was still there but I could not see it. Someone had called and asked me to come and get it a while ago. I asked the woman at the desk but she directed me to someone else. That person told me that it had SOLD TODAY!!!! A woman bought it for her six year old grand daughter. She said she was so happy to find something that did not say "Hello Kitty" on it! I was stoked, as I sold every piece I had left with them last December. Sometimes it just takes patience! That paid for our lunch. Now if I could only sell something big to pay for my airline tickets to Portland! ;-))
Patty liked this giraffe out front of the gallery.
The ceramic art inside was awesome...There was ceramic art being shown all over town this weekend.
We had lunch at Bernardo's...their famous Salmon BLT is to die for! Then we stopped in at the magazine store and got a small piece of dark chocolate each for dessert! We also looked at the magazines. Patty liked one about making dolls. I looked at fiber art books.
We stopped in a few stores in that neighborhood and then were going to go to the Artery, but I decided we might need to get the car first as the meter was about to run out. So we started back to the car. The only problem being neither of us paid too much attention to the name of the street we left it on. (you can start laughing any time now...) so we walked up one street and down the one point Patty saw a bank on a corner she thought looked familiar. And then I noticed we were back at the Pence Gallery! Oh yes, the path on the side of the gallery was one we had come down...taking that turn we spied an antique store we'd come thorough to that back tracking got us out the front of that store...and lo and behold THERE WAS MY CAR right where I'd left it!!! Okay, you can STOP laughing NOW!!!
We decided to skip the Artery, but instead drove up F street to the Davis Art Center. There was an incredible display of ceramic art there too. And some assemblages by Tom Poste of rocks. I especially liked this one in the nine wire baskets. Seeing it now reminds me of my nine heart squares I knit recently into a baby blanket.
Patty liked this huge ceramic vase and brushes by another artist. She said it was " YOU" meaning me, so I posed for her as she grabbed the camera out of my hand.
On the way out I loved seeing this case of colorful threads in one of the arty classrooms.
From there we scooted over to Terry Busse's house as she was having an Art in the Garden Sale at her home studio, along with several other artists. Terry was busy in her kitchen fixing food for an evening poetry reading also on her agenda.
I LOVE going into Terry's studio. I covet her stashes of wool sweaters for felting art.
She generously GAVE ME a big plastic bag full of wool scraps!
I am sure I can turn them into magical art! She also invited me to pick from a bag of ceramic hand made buttons to take home.
I bought a fun pin and some cards!
Going to Terry's house and art studio
is a real treat.
I know you are busy Terry but if you happen to see this:
THANK YOU again!!!!
Terry was selling many of her wonderful pieces very inexpensively to clear out her studio
making room I am sure for many more wonderful new pieces. Something about seeing all that thread in all those colors
made my heart sing!
Patty and I both liked her new series of watercolor/collages that covered two walls. An artist friend of hers was selling her hand dyed wool and yarns. Someone else was selling candles cut into amazing forms.
And someone had felted a table full of adorable dolls! Terry's garden was full of art outdoors too.
Lots of Tibetan prayer flags blew in the breeze.
I think I can safely say that Patty and I really enjoyed ourselves,
I know from the laughter that continued from 11am -4 pm
that this is so.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking me along with you and Patty! This was fun!
    My favorite has to be the ceramic cup and paintbrushes (you're so cute :)
    Just loved this whole dang post!

  2. oh what a wonderful day! I would love to have been with you - frankly a day wandering with a friend sounds just wonderful and all that art!!!

  3. I cant believe you guys lost your car.. LOL That is something I would do.. lol What a wonderful day you two had. Topped off with the art in the home. I loved the Art brushes sticking out of the clay pot and the Giaffe and others that I cant remember without going back to see.

  4. Lynn, I just can't keep up with your posts! Love visiting your blog!

  5. What a fun day!!! I am jealous!!! :)

  6. What a fun romp despite losing the car with your friend Patty. Love those ceramic women.

  7. Wow! Big day out! You packed a lot into a day here, girlie. Loved seeing all that you did.

  8. Oh my goodness this is a grand post, so many lovely things to look at, thank you, Mary

  9. Thanks for sharing the tour. And congrats on all the sales. That is great news!!

  10. That was a nice trip...even I enjoyed it visualizing each and every scene. Nice to have spent the day so beautifully:))


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