Friday, April 29, 2011

Day Two: I can't believe I remembered how...

I can't believe I remembered how to put an "almost traditional" quilt together...of course mine has wavy lines and crazy sized sashings and borders to make it more Lynn Style!
The blue and red sashes and border have tiny white paw prints on them.
And remember from yesterday's post that this is all kitty fabric! I just hope that when I put the batting and backing on and quilt it it will lay flat.
And then to decide what to use for binding
or might I simply turn it like a pillow case and let the border be the edge fabric?
More questions to sleep on!
I got an invitation to a baby blessing/shower for this new grand baby to be
and tonight booked my flight tickets!
I am very excited as it means being with my son and daughter in law;
also my former daughter in law; and my oldest grand children (17 and 20 yrs of age).
I'll be staying at my first husband's and his wife's home, as my daughter in law's
mother will be at her and my son's home!
Aren't we ever so evolved? I love it.
It's not till next month but that is JUST around the corner isn't it?
Color me Happy Grandma Lynn!


  1. I think the evolved part is awesome, Lynn! Congrats on the new grandbaby to be!!! Your quilt is so cool. I think the pillowcase idea is really neat also...I wonder what you will decide???

  2. Love it!! And a very exciting time for your and your family!

  3. yes, evolved for sure and for good! Have a lovely time, next month.

  4. I like how you have the cats peeking thru here and there. Like they are saying peekaboo Baby Baby, I am watching over you. :))
    How fun to get to go to the baby shower. Family is fun and soon the new baby will be here and you will be going off to see her too.

  5. it is great that you all just get along and remain a family. That is celebrating life !
    Enjoy !
    Happy Friday !

  6. Oh Boy! Another happy family reunion. Here's hope for the new baby!

  7. Wow Lynn! You are evolved! :) It's funny.. a couple times I have tried to describe your work to different people.. and it's indescribable! Definitely not a traditional quilter. I just call you an artist. ♥

  8. Evolved is a good word! The quilt is gorgeous with the hand made fabric and you can always tie it together if it's too wrinkly!,

  9. You are special Grandma Lynn. So is your quilt.


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