Thursday, April 28, 2011

Idle Hands, Mine Are Not!

I had a hole in my work day yesterday so I ran home to play before going back to the office to see more clients. A friend had given me two bags full of fabric with cat prints predominating! I rarely if ever use printed fabrics in my art. What was I going to do with all this really nice fabric? I started tearing it into long strips...
and then I sewed the strips together
added some cotton lace in spots...
and let my mind gather ideas
as I worked...
stay tuned to see what this will become! *************
Do you ever decide you will never do such and such in your art
and then lo and behold you find yourself
doing just that thing you said you'd never do? And enjoying it? ♥
Happy Grateful Thrusday
1. grateful for holes in my work week that allow me to have time to create
2. grateful for YOU, my friends who come to my blog and leave comments
3. grateful for health and energy that allows me to do all that I am doing now
4.grateful for my friend Patty who wants to play with me again this Friday!
5. grateful for my special blog friend, Cris, who puts up with my abundance of email connection
What are you grateful for today?


  1. Well let me guess what you have been making????????????? A cat bed I think. I am probaly totally wrong.
    I am grateful today that the weather is still lovely and that I'm travelling back to Crete tomorrow. Hooray.
    I always enjoy popping in here to see what your up to.
    Judith x

  2. Some of those strips put together look like it was done purposely. Like the big cat heads seemingly looking at the fish bones. tee hee. Love it. CAn't wait to see what this becomes. Yes, I do things I say I will never do. I try not to ever say never because it always comes back to haunt me. I am so thankful for a dry home as we are in monsoon season. I am thankful for my family and all my bloggy friends.

  3. I'm grateful for the luck of being in the right place at the right time and knowing how to make the most of my opportunities. I'm also grateful for the ones that just land in my lap with no effort! I'm grateful for my friends and their unending support as I travel this road that is art and creativity.

  4. Wonderful!! I know it will be very cool when finished--I know this for sure!!
    I'm grateful that it has warmed up here,even though most days are rainy and WINDY. I was able to sit out in the sun yesterday and I am very grateful for this!!!

  5. cute fabrics. it is funny, but my impression of your work is of lots of patterned fabrics?? Lovely gratitudes you have.

  6. you are always up to something interesting and fun! Cat prints - whatever will you become?
    I am grateful for the wind in the trees and the rain on my roof today - as it has put me in such a wonderful mood to do something creative!

  7. Well since you are into baby things I would wager its to be for the baby. :)) Its going to be so cute too. I am grateful for you too my Friend I enjoy every email. I am also grateful for having a home to live in and my heart goes out to all those who have lost everything in those horrible tornados back east and I am praying that Artist Unplugged & family are ok as she was in the line of those tornados yesterday.

  8. I love hearing the flow of your plan from start to middle and the finish is just a big happy question mark!! That is when work is really just play :)

  9. Do you ever stop? This, from me who goes nonstop 24/7 it seems. Love finding holes in my days and you use yours well.


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