Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Meet Teddy Bear: King of Knitware by Grandma Lynn!

"I am king of Heart Mountain, first knit blanket!" "I can slide down the hill...
and land in the garden of sweaters....
And say hello and goodbye
Animal Wednesday!"
Did you notice my two toned body in pumpkin and gold?
That was a famous Grandma Lynn MISTAKE balanced out by making one ear and arm gold and one ear and arm dark pumpkin!
Nothing is a mistake when you knit with Lynn!


  1. Love it! A mistake is creativity waiting to happen. Haw

  2. Nothing is a mistake if you say, "I meant for it to be that way!" It's called taking artistic license. This little guy is adorable. Now he need a tan and brown buddy.

  3. Just gorgeous Lynn! I'd love to have him sit on my bed, but I'm too old for teddies!

  4. I love your theory on mistakes! He is a super cute teddy - you are so creative!

  5. He's a cutie. and you really did that on purpose. :)) Looks like it to me. Asymmetrical is your middle name. :))

  6. This teddy will be better loved with this little mix up making it unique. HAW.

  7. No mistakes just Lynn's original art creations;)


  8. super good attitude, lynn! you had fun making this little guy, didn't you? aha, how about one with plaids and pokadots? :^)

  9. Haha...the mistake is so beautifully covered...Yes, there's no mistake as its knit by the Quilting Queen-Lynnie!
    Good Day!


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