Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blocking Size Six Month Baby Sweater

I now have made a size three month and a size six month sweater for our new grand daughter to be. (come August)... This one is from a design by Kristin Nicholas. I like to mix things up when I knit and add my own touches to make the finished design a little bit mine as well. Therefore the embroidered flower on the sweater! And changing up the order and size of stripes and of course picking my own colors (these left over from the baby blanket I made previously, the one with the hearts!)
I love shopping for cute buttons and found these at Joanne's to add to the garden look!
And when I make a mistake in my knitting, I am not one to tear out and start over, instead I use it in MY design...thus the woven orange yarn through the row I purled instead of knit! ;-)
It's sitting on my card table pinned to a towel after soaking it in water to shape it to size drying.
I mixed up the sleeves too turning one to the "wrong side" because I like the way the knitting looked on that side...
as well as I liked the called for garter stitch on the outside on the other sleeve!
See what I mean about making it my design too?
In the meantime Henry found a spot next to my sewing machine to soak up some sun coming in the sliding doors while he napped waiting for me to get done with my "work"!
Now I am working on some knitted Teddy bears!
Happy Blooming Tuesday!


  1. Well this is adorable. What a fun touch with the flower on it. the mistakes are just excused for your personal touch. :)) Henry is so cute and knows a good place to sleep. Hope he stays off the sweaters. mine would be all over them. lol

  2. oos.. that me cris in Oregon. I am on another server.

  3. this is just too cute for words. No mistakes here, this is just adorable. I need a sun spot for me, have a great day, mary

  4. This little girl is going to be so darned cut in her custom made sweater.

  5. Lovely! Cute button!
    You are one Cool Granma, Lynnie:)

  6. How adorable, my DIL won't have anything with so much pattern in it. Have just made Maggs some sleeveless cotton cardigans, white and navy blue...sigh. (I guess I am lucky she asks me to make them LOL).

  7. Cris, Henry would get on it too, so I put a towel on top as well incase he tries to help "dry" the sweater!

    Mary, thank you! I think the baby will like it.

    Lisa, thanks! ;-))

    Deepa, thanks! I like being a cool grandma!

    Soul, your heart and love are in all that you make so baby and Maggie will feel the specialness.
    Mine want "earth tones"...No Pink!
    I went for peach for the littlest sweater...earthy peach! ;-))

  8. Such a cute sweater! I like the buttons, the colors and your "mistakes". The little one will look adorable in this.

  9. What a cute sweater!
    I love it how you keep the mistakes and add your own touch and fantasy to it. It turned out a real Lynn piece of art this way, a one of a kind!
    And how exciting you will be a grandma again!
    Enjoy the anticipation.


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