Sunday, April 24, 2011

Exodus Celebrated; Family and Food! Happy Passover!

Passover this year for us was a huge gathering of thirty family members for a wonderful Seder hosted by my dear Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi, cousin's Neil, Mel, Barbara and Mike. Here I am greeted by my young beautiful cousin Debra.
Mike is Amy's husband, and Cousin John is Hiedi's husband.
We are so blessed to have our Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi with us. (aged 92!) Everyone came with their contributions for the festivities...Heidi brought kugel, Judy made cakes... My uncle and aunt are still very very much in love...such wonderful role models to us all! Mimi and I enjoyed the clam dip. She always made this for family gatherings! And we have new additions to our family this year. Hadley is one of them, in Cousin Amy's arms with great grandmother Mimi looking on. Amy came from Cheyenne, Wy to be with us! With her son Max and husband Mike. Mimi, Harry, Neil and Mel. We gathered in a lovely Club House room (with Kitchen) at their assisted living compound. Cousin Judy, husband David and daughter Sarah! Above is Cousin Laura, young Truman, who recited the four questions in Hebrew and his dad Erich! (I apologize for not having a photo of little Cameron and Morgan, John and Heidi's kids; or young Max, Amy's son, who read the questions in English; They were sitting on the same side of the table as me so were hard to get in camera range.) Cousin Lisa, Truman's mom, and Erich's wife, explained the Afacoman, the hiding of the matzah that the little kids would hunt for and find later in the evening, as part of the Seder celebration.
Below: My brother Richard, DH, and me wearing my map of Israel Pendant (by Mim) We followed along and took turns reading from the Hagaddah
Story of the Exodus of Jews out of Egypt/bondage Dave, Lyla, Ashley, Amy and Mike all traveled far to be with us. Amy, Mike, Barb, Judy, David and Sarah
Amy is reponsible for the pretty flowers in the clay pots.
We all got to take some home and I took three!
My cousin's Barb came from Colorado, and Judy lives here in CA. Cousin Jerry (Judy's brother) next to Mimi, me and Uncle Harry We did a very modified reading from the Haggadah and got down to eating
the beautiful meal of brisket, kugal, asperagus, and puree of peas with mint. And then dessert! Judy made this rich delicious carrot cake that went well with the
strawberries and whipped cream! We realized we all made way too much food and we wound up taking
lots home. (I gave my neighbors half a sponge cake, a pot of whipped cream and a container of fresh strawberries for their Easter celebration today)
and a sweet ending note when Judy discovered OUR grandma Ella's
name taped to the bottom of one of her plates! Memories of Passovers in years past when Grandpa Abe caught the fish
and chopped it into gefelti fish balls; grandma Ella made the matzo ball soup;
shelled and chopped nuts for the charoset all by hand.
They did it all; and they passed down this tradition to us and we now
pass it on to generations to come. Happiness is family gathered together.
My daughter and family were on vacation and my son living far away were greatly missed,
but in our hearts and thoughts.


  1. Wow this all looks so special!
    What a happy family get together how wonderful Harry and Mimi are still among you all!

    Happy Easter♥

  2. Gifelti fish..hmm, I remember that from somewhere... Harry and Mimi are fabulous!!!
    Wonderful memories, I'm sure
    Take care

  3. What a gathering! And amazing food! Glad you enjoyed the day with your family and friends.

  4. I love sedar's like this - with everyone around, bringing something and from the young to the old - enjoying it all. Lovely to see Harry and Mimi and I'm so honored that you are wearing my pendant.

    Was your Grandma's last name Carron??? My greatgrandfather was Karron - and there are alot of variations of the spelling....hmmmm...cousins???

  5. Such a wonderful gathering. Isn't getting the family together the best part of holidays?? We had a great gathering today. Lots of love here too. Happy Passover.

  6. How wonderful to have family gather together to celebrate. Some of them really came a long way! The photos are beautiful and Harry and Mimi are amazing.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Looks and sounds like a fabulous family get together.

    I know you had a happy Passover.

  8. What a wonderful gathering of family there with your Aunt and Uncle! So extra special.

  9. what a wonderful celebration! how lucky you are to have such a large and happy family...and thank you for the explanation too, it's fascinating to read about traditions one only half understands. xo

  10. This is beautiful Lynn...Love the joy of togetherness on your faces!
    Happy Passover to you and yours. :)
    Love to you,

  11. wonderful Lynn. I almost feel like I was there! What a heartwarming gathering of the generations. You are so kind to Harry and Mimi to do this for them and for everyone.spu

  12. What a wonderful celebration! I love that you keep up with traditions. And look at the lovebirds, harry and Mimi. Be still my ♥.

    it was fun sharing this time with you and yours :)

  13. What great family photos. Something to remember the good times with. Glad you had a wonderful time.

  14. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. So happy you were surrounded by so much family.

  15. What a great celebration and time to remember your ancestors as they moved out of Egypt! Great family , great food and great fun!


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