Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day One and Two 2011 Road Trip Nv/UTAH

We saw five rainbows after a short cloud burst of rain traveling across the Salt Flats of Utah...ONE TWO
trust me there was a fifth....and then these most specular huge skies and clouds...
My faithful driver of hundreds of miles a day, historian, travel guide, who made it all come alive.
In Utah we spent two days hunting for fossils. The first day seen here was our search and DH's success at finding Trilobites, these bug like creatures that have been hiding in rocks for millions of years!
Any of these rocks can be the home of the trilobites!
Whole families joined in the search!
For a fee we were given hammers and goggles for eye protection.
We brought our own gloves and water.
DH hammered away for two long hours.
(I did it for one hour)
And he was told that this find of his was the biggest they'd seen in a month!
On the road again, to our motel, only to get up early the next morning to head out to the next fossil quarry.
Stay tuned to see what I found!!!
I love the big skies and clouds in these wide open plains.


  1. what fun hunting fossils. and all those rainbows.

    my dad went fossil hunting a number of times as a lad in Connecticut and I have a fossil of some ancient creature he found. He also found small dinosaur footprints and these rocks are mounted in my brother fireplace (which was once my parents fireplace.)

    Here we just had a rock swap where fossil and rock collectors have a big tented fair.

  2. Your trip sounds like so much fun! I've never been to the Titons but I have been fossil hunting. It's so much fun digging around and being patient and then getting rewarded with something cool like that.

  3. I do like fossils. I can't imagine digging for them out in the hot sun. I wouldn'tknow what kind of rock to crack open. Those skies are beautiful. Rainbows are such fun to see. They aren't as numerous around here it seems.

  4. I remember those wide open spaces a lots of sky and puffy clouds when I went back to Montana in the 60ies. It was just mind boggling. How fun that DH found a nice size fossil after spending 2 hours looking. Just up his ally. :))

  5. Beautiful pictures , lovely rainbows. Interesting that you can dig for your own fossils!
    My kids would love that!


  6. you always have such fun road trips.

  7. I'm finally catching up...backwards! Driving cross-country twice I'd have to say driving across the salt flats was tough. The smell got to me, but man, you're right about those spectacular skies!! I have some shots as well.

    The fossil digging looks like fun. You and DH really do get out there!

  8. Hi Lynn!
    I'm Blog running, trying to get caught up.
    Looks like you're having a super summer, and busy as always. That's great!
    We've discovered some fossils on this property we've moved to. Fascinating!
    Take care,,,


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