Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day Three continued: More Fossil Hunting: Prehistoric Fish

Day three: More driving in Utah ... some signs of poor economic times along the way, we found this fixer-upper... After hours of being on the road sometimes you just have to stop for a rest and a treat: Take your pick of all these flavors!
I had a decadent chocolate cone! Oh it tasted sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood!
The ice cream shop was in this old restored barn.
Sometimes when you are out of your normal environs you come across the weirdest things
(to us anyway!)
Unfortunately we missed the festival! (or not) When we come to Kemmerer we are always greeted by this couple!
They are the quietest pair! A little stiff but what can you expect from carved wood?
We stopped at the "Westerner Cafe" for lunch...the year on this old poster
was significant for me.
Can you guess why?
Even Little Kemmerer had art on it's buildings outdoors.
This is the road to the second fossil quarry in as many days...
We met these little guys on the road...a little belated here for Animal Wednesday!
And then we started digging...actually what we did was split limestone or was it shale
to try and find fish that were over 250 MILLION YEARS OLD!!!
Those are some of the many DH found!
And I found these!!!! I was so surprised to have the rock fall away and inside
lo and behold
Yep, those are MINE!
It was hard work. It wasn't hot out, which was nice, just pleasant.
But sitting on the ground was not the most comfortable.
You have to split a lot of rocks before you find a fish.
But you can find a lot of fish poop!
And we did!
I also found equally old sea weed and it left a green impression on the rock
and was very pretty. We brought it all home.
Some of these guys come daily and have huge stores of sheets of rock full of fossils.
It was interesting talking to them and seeing their finds.
I've already taken you up to day four in my art journal.
Tomorrow I will take you on to Day 5 and more Grand Teton activities and sightings. I am enjoying this all over again.
I hope you are too.


  1. What a fun thing to see and do with those fish fossils in the rock! Wow!!!

  2. I was going to ask if you got to keep the stuff you found but you answered that. Looks like hard work to me. lol The lambs were cute and I am still giggling over the Testical festival. Did you check that out? LOL

  3. Wonderful again Lynn!
    What great finds!
    And that box of gratitude was from your birth year!
    Too bad you missed the fried testicals........ or would it have been testical soup? Must say sounds intriguing....... :)
    Have a nice day Lynn♥

  4. I see that you had on a long sleeved shirt and vest. It must have been pleasant weather. I can imagine how hard those rocks felt after you sat there a few minutes. What fun to find all of those fossils. What will you do with them?

  5. it's all so interesting darn about missing that festival though. i can't imagine!! or I can.

    the fossils are fabulous. i love 'em.

  6. I am so inspired by your fossil pictures that I am ready to hit the road! Did you dig for these in Utah or Wyoming? I'm having a great time virtually traveling with you and DH!


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