Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Five: Jenny Lake and a Whole Lot of Wild Life!

Fifth day of my art journal on our great Road Trip...through the Grand Tetons, Jenny Lake, and Signal Mountain. (click to see larger) The intrepid travelers! My DH is a wonder, and a wonderful tour guide...not to mention a really fun man to be with while traveling across five states and seeing lots of wonderful sights.
A herd of elk made a pretty painting don't you think?
I think we fall in love all over again when we are at Jenny lake.
A few summers ago I was so moved by this scene that I asked DH if we could renew
our vows right then and there.
He made up some legal sounding gibberish and we considered it
This year we took a little motorized boat across the lake and hiked on the other side.
This little sage grouse posed nicely for us.
As did this fine buffalo.
He had lots of friends with him too, all just roaming freely over the landscape.
More to come.


  1. What a wonderful trip you took. It makes me want to go back and explore more. The farthest we drove to was Wyoming, and then we had to head back (not enough time) I'd love to see Utah.

  2. amazing. an i love to hear about your wonderful marriage and beloved DH.

    by the way, i have two blogs in a sense. I have a suki's poems blog with the format you called "easier" to read. And I have my regular blog. I post my poems twice, once on each blog. I have fewer followers on my suki's poems blog. Having the poems all in once place is nice though. I have a link on my PPP blog to my suki's poems blog.

  3. Lots of lovely photos. I love your journal page. It tells the whole story of the day very nicely. You got to see some different animals on the trip too. CAnt wait for more. :)

  4. That picture of the lake is stunning. What a wonderful time you have had here. Your journal pages are great. I can't wait to see the painting that you will create with the elk in it. There are all sorts of beautiful things here you could paint.

  5. I love that you renewed your vows on the spot.
    Right there before God and all the animals.
    Great photos,great trip!

  6. Hello my friend, sorry I haven't been by for awhile. I had some serious bloggy issues. I love that you went to Jenny Lake, it looks amazing! I wanna go there. Congrats on the sale and 1st place no less!!! You're so talented. :)
    Much Love,

  7. I really hope that one day before I die, I get to see a moose in the wild!!! That must have been so awesome! What lovely territory you saw...just gorgeous!!! Glad you and hubby re-fell in love!!! Sounds like it was inevitable, being in such a setting, eh??? Thanks for sharing all this lovliness with us!!!

  8. Your journal page is awesome and I really like the bison. We enjoyed them in Yellowstone so many times and I never got tired of them.

  9. Your journal is so colourful!The locations are fab...

  10. Great photos and your journal page is such a fantastic way to remember such a fun filled trip!

  11. Wow, so beautiful and romantic!

  12. it sounds like a wonderful trip - relaxing and now romantic!

    I keep going back and looking at those fish! my dh says that there is a place we can do that in Connecticut, so I'm planning a trip

  13. Lynn, it looks like you are having a fantastic time and your photos are beautiful. Love your little travel sketchbook.

  14. Wow! I'd love to do a road trip like that one day in good, fun, loving company.


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