Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'M Back Again...and more vacation sharing on Animal Wednesday

If you wondered why you haven't seen me in Blogland (here or on your blogs) it's because we are just back from ANOTHER five days away over the July 4th holiday long weekend. But now we are back and I am trying to catch up with things like laundry and posting on this blog. Oh, and I do have to go to work today too...for a change of scene! Meet one of the moose we met in Wyoming above... Below: That's me at a roaring creek in Wy by the Tetons...
and this little Moose was surprised to see me I think as he stood spread legged ready to run...
In Yellowstone we saw lots and lots of herds of buffalo...grazing in fields...
and some on the sides of the road even...
Here we are enjoying each others company and looking at more wildlife and beautiful scenery.
like this view of Mt Moran reflected in the water....
Pretty, huh?
Or this upper falls in Yellowstone at Artist's Point...
I've added some more pages from my art journal I drew in the car and painted later in our motel rooms (and sometimes in the car using a water brush) on my lap. You can hopefully enlarge them to read if you like by clicking on the pictures) I think these are not in order either.
These photos are a little out of order as these were taken in an art gallery in Jackson Hole, Wy.
DH enjoying a display in a store of trilobites like the ones we hunted for a day or so before in Utah.
I have way more to share as we were gone 14 days on this trip.
So stay tuned.
and in the meantime
Happy Animal Wednesday.
Now I need to go get ready for work!
Life beckons!


  1. OOoooooh . . . .awww!!!! Lots of eye candy today, Lynn! I just KNEW you'd be posting more pictures, and these didn't disappoint! Gorgeous! I particularly enjoyed the moose pics. My youngest son's nickname is "Moose", so I'm always on the lookout! LOL!
    BTW - I your art journal is really a treasure! I can't believe that you could draw in a moving car! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. LOVE that header photo!! All your photos are spectacular. And your travel journal is exciting and fun. What a great way to remember your trip.

  3. Great photos here. Love the moose pix. Love the journal pages too but they are really better in person as I was lucky enough to see them in person last Saturday. Thanks for bringing it to share with me when you came to visit. I posted those pix on my blog.

  4. Welcome home...again. What an exciting time you have had lately. I love the photos of your vacation. The mountain photos are stunning. I would love to go there sometime. Your travel journal pages are as colorful as your trip. What a great remembrance to have. Moose are always fun to see. HAW. Don't work too hard.

  5. you are travelin' fools! what a trip - looks wonderful and I love the moose pictures.

  6. Nice to see you back here Lynn!

    You must have had the best time - Your journal pages are amazing! Enjoyed seeing your photos too - lovely!

  7. well you are just one vacationista!!!

    i recognize the artists work in that gallery. I have subscribed to Southwest Art for ions.

    I love seeing art journals, still something I should do but never complete more than one page.

    And the moose and bison...wonderful!!

    And holding hands after all these years? It doesn't get any better than that1♥

  8. Wow! I love your photos and the journal idea is so great. A perfect way to remember your journey.

  9. Artist's Point is breathtaking!!! I sure do LOVE the painting in the last picture!!!

  10. i am enamored with your art journal! i would be so proud to do something half that good, lynn.

    what a fine vacation, lynn. how precious to see moose first hand. and that baby moose....

    welcome back!

  11. You have been in my neck of the woods, If I knew I could have come over for a meet up. Oh well not meant to be I guess. The Tetons are one of my favorite places on earth I am glad you enjoyed them.


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