Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Grand Tetons...

We spent a lot of time outside; but occasionally we went into a visitor center, a gallery, to see the history of the place spelled out in words and in art work... This brand new modern building housed amazing art and artifacts including a movie on the floor...
These wondrous Grand Tetons have obviously been grabbing the eyes of artists for centuries...
The one animal that I love the most and which we did not see this trip is the big horned sheep.
Funny man is trying to take a photo of his short wife and himself..."Hey, I'm down here!"
This is my hat brim.... ^^^^^^^^^^
We also did not see the beaver who built this dam... But we did see again and again and again the Majesty of the Grand Tetons!
And the lakes...
Signal Mountain was a fun hike; and the lunch at the lodge quite delicious. My dear husband said they made the best tuna sandwich he had ever eaten...we went back a second day so he could eat it again.
The snow, the sun, the green and the white and the yellows were all colors that shouted their beauty at us again and again.
and the water falls!!!
I think this picture says it all!
In real time I am sewing together soft stuffed baby blocks from six 3.5" swatches I knit on the trip!
And today I picked up art from the local art gallery that was in the juried art show.
I was so tickled to see that both of my pieces had three colored dots on the back meaning that all three judges had voted my pieces into the show! That does not always happen!
And I dropped off two more pieces which I will show later for the upcoming
member's show: "Animals, Animals, Animals". ********************
It's very hot here!
What are you doing and is it hot summer where you are?


  1. "Majestic" and "awesome" are two words that come to mind when I look at your pictures of the Tetons, Lynn. And lots of congrats for being voted 'in' by all 3 judges! Quite an accomplishment!!! You GO, Girl!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  2. We ALWAYS go to the Signal Mountain Lodge when we're in the Tetons. However, I have yet to try the tuna sandwich.
    Wonderful photos again!

  3. You bring these places to life Lynn!

    Your summer, is my winter! We are feeling the cold - lots of chilling winds at the moment, but sunny and clear and nowhere like a northern hemisphere winter here!

    Glad you had your art nominated - good luck!!

  4. I would find it difficult to come home from such a beautiful place. Congrats for being voted into the show. Have a great weekend.

  5. wow. that banner photo is especially awesome. what a wonderful trip for you two wonderful folks. thanks for sharing yr trip with us. most likely i'll never be there in reality.

    cool here in the morning, but then it warms up as the day progresses. not really hot hot.

  6. I love the mountains...My husband and I were just talking that it may be the only place we could go to escape the heat. More than any other natural environment, it has the capability to "put me in my place," to remind me that I am one part of creation and there is majesty all around me.

    For your 3 dots, here's 3 hugs xxx

  7. Isn't nature grand!!! What a beautiful trip and so much to see. I love your new header and your pics are all gorgeous. That's a vacation I would love to take.

  8. Beautiful header and lovely pix all of them. Your KH looks like the world has been lifted off his shoulders in the photo. congrats on all those dots. they like you they really like you. :)) We do too!!!

  9. I'm in awe of your photos showing not just the beauty, but also the majesty of these mountains. And it looks like you two are having lots of fun on this trip, too.

    The icing in the cake seems to be that you were voted in by all three judges. Sounds like they knew a winner when they saw one!

  10. I'm glad you all are enjoying my photos of our trip so much. It's fun for me to see them. I still have more on my "new camera" to download.
    I get a kick out of learning which of you have been to the same places; and which of you wish you could but are getting off on it vicariously with my photos...

  11. Lynn,

    Signal Mt is where I like to go camp when I am there. Did you go to the Laurence Rockerfeller preserve? It is really great.



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