Friday, July 8, 2011

Day Seven of Road Trip: Big Horns and Hopes of Medicine Wheel Dashed!

Two more pages from my art journal done on our road we drive into the Big Horns Area of Wyoming...
click on photos to read script if you so desire Wonderful drive through mountains
past rivers that literally had big ice cubes floating up to the shore
snow and buffalo's in June
finally coming to the Big Horn Basin
a place DH had tried two times before to visit, his goal for us to reach the top of the mountain
where we would hike for a mile to reach MEDICINE WHEEL
Only to find that at the top
disappointment, sigh!
We had to go on without seeing the actual Native American spiritual spot
But we did feel as though we were on top of the world.
Going down hill past the Fallen City
Even though there were a few disappointments along the way
we were transfixed by all the beauty we were seeing at every turn in the road.
I cannot tout highly enough a trip such as this!
Stay tuned, there is more...we are only half way through at this point. *******************
On the home front today we went to a few garage sales and I got stacks of sweet clean baby clothes for baby girl coming next month for pennies!!!!
I also found new yarn; and a stack of books to read (for free)!
In the late afternoon we drove past the burrowing owls to see fifteen of them by their holes and two up on poles! What a sight. And me without my camera, a rarity I know but so.
We drove to Davis and went to see "Midnight In Paris" which we enjoyed so much!
How fun to go back in time and meet all those artists and writers!
A must see for this group for sure. *********************


  1. Since I haven't been to this part of the country I am really enjoying your trip log and photos. Too bad you couldn't get to Medicine Wheel. It looks like they had one heck of a winter.

  2. More great journal pages and photos. One of those ..the one looking down over the valley...reminds me of one I took years ago when I went to Montana. cool shot. I saw Midnight in Paris and loved it too. was so Artsy and well the Paris scenery alone was worth watching it for the story a bonus. :))

  3. I was at Big Horn years ago, but nothing that looks familiar. So that makes it even more special to see this area. I'm enjoying seeing the spectacular views and commentary through your eyes and camera.

  4. Awesome country of ours, and you've shown some of the BEST of it! Interestingly enough, my husband was talking about taking a trip West next year. After seeing your pics, I think it's something I need to consider.
    Love those journal pages! Wear and enjoy your new turquoise, coral and sterling earrings! Christmas in July!!! Yay for that! And the batting was a real 'find' too! Hope you're having a terrific weekend. Hugs, Terri xoxo


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