Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 4th Weekend...Crater Lake...more journal art...

We had five days traveling to Oregon over the July 4th holiday weekend. We went first to Ashland where we spent the night with my cousin, Betsy. I visited an art supply store I like there and stocked up on good pens and watercolor book; Betsy took us out to a lovely dinner. The next day we drove north to Crater Lake. I drew these pictures in my journal the next day. There is no way I can capture the true beauty of the lake so I show you these first and then on to the real thing.
The snow around the was unusually high for July...
the reflections in the blue blue blue water are spectacular...
Do they not all call for wanting to get out your paint brushes?
Inspite of all the snow we were warm.
We went to the lodge for lunch. They make a mean burger.
DH told me he had thought of giving me a night at the lodge for my birthday,
but decided on a new camera instead. I love his final choice,
as the camera I will have for years to come.
If you get the opportunity to travel to the south of Oregon
you do not want to miss Crater Lake!
From there we went to see Cris and Con
and I will post photos from that visit later in the week!
It was a fun time together.


  1. Dear Lynn---I have just looked back over the last few posts that I had not had time to look at yet! What an amazing trip! Hey...makes me think of the summer a few years back, when we were flying to San Jose, and the plan was to drive north to Oregon along the coast (we might have seen this lake)...and back down eastern California to see all of the wonderous parks, etc. out there. One day we will get there!!! You surely must live in the best place in the whole universe! Thanks for sharing your trip and your art, and your love with us!!!!!

  2. Wow! These are breathtaking! I have got to get out West one of these days. What I wouldn't give for a pile of snow right about now!

  3. gorgeous just gorgeous. thanks for sharing. and are you using yr new camera for these?? They sure are wonderful photos.

  4. These are excellent photos, Lynn!
    Those reflections are pure bliss.
    I'm glad you've had such a good time.

  5. Magnificent photos. I'm totally impressed. I would have preferred the new camera, too, especially if it took photos as good as yours!

  6. OMG lynn, your photos are gorgeous. I I I am going to enjoy your new camera!!!! you have a good eye, another artistic offering from you. what was the temperature with all that snow?

    what a stunning trip.

    ps your DH sounds like a thoughtful inventive guy...


  7. Yes it WAS a fun time even if short. Love the journal page you did of crater Lake. Love the photos. the journal page deserved a whole page of itself. Look forward to reliving the visit with you and with Sam. Have been enjoying all your trip photos tho. Keep em coming. :))

  8. It is difficult to render this kind of beauty but you did a great job:)
    And wow how beautiful is this area!!!!

    And you went to see Chris how exciting that is!!!!

    I am glad you had such a good time♥

  9. Suki, yes, these were taken with my new Panasonic Lumix FZ100, a great point and shoot with a 24X optical zoom! 14 mega pixils. I am having a ball with it.

    KJ I don't recall the temp that day, but the sun was shining. I was wearing jeans/T-shirt/and light cotton sweatshirt and I was not cold. It was just a very perfect beautiful day in all ways.

    Cris and Marianne, thanks for your kudos on my drawing of Crater Lake. It is such fun for me to do these journal pages, they too are great memories for after the fact.

    Thanks to everyone for feedback on how much you are enjoying seeing all these vacation photos. I'm so glad you are.

  10. Wow, those Tetons are so awesome!!!!!!

  11. Isn't that an awesome place? We experienced Crater Lake with lots of snow in July as well, only a few years ago. It is a magnificent place. Your photos are wonderful (what a nice birthday present!) and I truly like your painting!

  12. It looks like Crater Lake hasn't changed since I saw it in the mid 1960's as a child. It was beautiful then as now, only we didn't have the cameras then to capture the gorgeous blue water and the reflections. Your painting is wonderful!

  13. beautiful beautiful pictures! That is how Alaska looks when you get out of the city. It's just gorgeous every where you look. Happy Birthday to you too!

  14. Lynn, Lynn, LYNN! I have been trying for so long to comment on the last two posts. My computer is acting up again, so let me just say that I think the trip and the photos are spectacular. I would buy ALl of your shots as postcards!
    What amazing beauty you have captured. I'm so glad you and DH had a wonderful trip!


  15. Crater Lake really is beautiful. Its been years since I have been there. Love the journal page you did.

  16. While your new camera takes the best pictures I do enjoy your travel journal. Isn't it fun to transfer some of those photos into your journal too.


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