Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glory in the Garden!

I once had as many as fifty holly hocks growing at one time in our front and back yards. This year I have two! Perhaps I appreciate these all the more for being so few!
The humongous fig tree we cut back to a tiny thing has put out an abundance of leaves and I can spy a little tiny budding fig here and there. I hope more come as summer approaches.
Rain drops keep falling from the sky and some land on beautiful flowers like these.
I hope we'll be home this summer when the peaches turn orange!
I hope, I hope!
These are a few of our garden friends!
Do you have a garden too?
And how does your garden grow? PS Henry V says thanks for all your understanding thoughts and comments from
yesterday; and for those of you who think he's spoiled, he wants you
NOT to tell him mom. He likes it this way!


  1. Great summer shots!! I'm so glad that summer is finally here in the Northeast--now if it can just ease up on the rain a bit....

  2. Oh yes, I have a garden. I have a blog that I post about my garden. I too have hollyhock. I have one plant. It is odd that it came up as volunteer. I haven't had hollyhocks in my garden for years. This must be a throw back from long ago. That Henry is a lucky boy.

  3. Oh yes.. we have a garden. and its drowning right now in all this rain. glub glub.. lol Lots of pretty photos here. I told you that fig tree would grow back quickly. Fair cuts hers back every other year or it would be humongous.

  4. Hollyhocks are such an old-fashioned flower, and I LOVE them. For years I had them growing in front of our white picket fence, and then they seemed to disappear! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  5. Gardens grow joy :)

    Congratulations on your 1st place prize with your sunflower quilt. It's a beauty!


  7. Lovely garden pics!
    here it is so dry no real rain in nearly 2 months...... My garden really needs it (I can live without it...)

    Hugs for Henry and for you Lynn!

  8. Your garden is beautiful! I've been having trouble posting comments but today seems to be my lucky day! I've enjoyed the past pics of Henry V - he is so handsome!

  9. Diane, we are still having rain too. I actually prefer it to hot summers and we can get very hot where I live!

    Lisa, funny how we both had holly hocks which have dwindled down to one or two???

    Cris, yes, I have no fear the figs will be returning...and with a shorter tree I may be reaching more of them. I can't wait to see your garden come summer.

    Terri K, I wonder what the cut off year is for returning Holly hocks as mine were here for over 20 years then zap/halt/stop/nada.

    Kimmie, thanks that is quite a thrill.

    Marianne, Henry and I will send you some rain!!!

    Pak Art, thanks. Henry says thanks and meowhi.


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