Friday, June 3, 2011

Sun Flower Art Show...Pleased and Proud as I Can Be: First Prize!

Today Patty, Diane and I went to the Davis Art Center to see the Sunflower show! I couldn't be more proud to see my "Indian Summer" art quilt had taken First Place in the Amateur Adult Art Category! Some of the children's art (kids as young as five years old) had art every much as good as
some of the adult art! I kid you not!!! I think this artist is 7 yrs old!
This beautiful painting, which looked like it came out of a botanical book
won second prize in the same category as mine.
Click to see detail, its fantastic!
I will be first to admit that I get a real rush watching people looking at my art!
A kind of funny story: I got the call the other day from a woman from the show telling me my piece had won first place in this category.
But when I got there it did NOT have a ribbon by it.
Disappointment, sigh!
When I found someone from the show to ask about it she said there must have been
a mistake in the call!
But we went to look at a list of winners and sure enough it said Lynn Cohen: First!
So then she went to read names on backs of ribbons to see if mine was put on the wrong art work.
"No, ...No, she said!"
But my friend Patty was not having any of that and she too went to turn over the same blue ribbons and found MINE on another's art work. That person's name also had the initials L C like my name;
but the ribbon clearly said Lynn Cohen!
So then the woman removed it from the other picture and put it by mine!
Whew! It had won after all!!!
The same woman went on to tell me about all the people who had seen my art and how much they liked it; including herself. She said she was thinking about possibly buying it.
But until I hear from her it is still for sale: $240
20% to go to help those suffering from mental health issues
These are some of the other types of pieces in the same category. The competition I felt was fierce. And we were all surprised that a textile piece was picked over a painting.
It was fun to find a painting in the Professional Artist category by Terry Busse who had
also won a prize!!!
And this professional artist's work, which I have admired in this show before, won the prize for having her art on the sunflower seed packet this year, which comes with a $100 prize as well.
A few more from the professional artist category. And lest we forget a percentage of any sold art in this show goes to help those
with mental illness.
Diane, Patty and I later went off to celebrate over the most decadent of desserts!
And then to Diane's to see her latest quilts.
I'll share that and other art Patty and I saw at another gallery earlier in the day
in another post. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to climb down from this
cloud I am floating on!


  1. A lot of great looking Art work here. I love sunflowers. So happy you sorted out YOUR ribbon. It looks perfect by your Sunflower quilt. Congrats again. So glad you went in and found the mistake & it was in YOUR favor...

  2. You just stay on your cloud for a while longer Lynn. Well done.
    Loved looking at the other works of art too.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great art from all gr8! people...and Lynn your art as said before is fab!!!!! Its not simply that I call Quilting Queen....

    Have a GR8 Day!

  4. I'm so happy for you Lynn!!! Congratulations!! And also--such beautiful art that was exhibited there!

  5. I am thrilled! What great news - congratulations on your beautiful work. And the competition was stiff - glad you shared the beautiful work that hung along with yours.

  6. how WONDERFUL - but am I surprised??? NOPE!!! and you know why!!!!

  7. Congrats to you!! What a lovely art show, and yes, you are right about the very talented artists exhibited here. Very nice show and I'm happy you won!

  8. Congrats Lynn. This is a special sunflower.

  9. FABulous!!!! Congratulations, Lynn, for garnering this well deserved prize!!! Your quilt is stunning, and I'm thrilled that it got the recognition it's so deserving of!!! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Terri xoxox

  10. An amazing piece of art Lynn, I'm so glad you won first prize - Congratulations!!

    Keep floating on that cloud for as long as you deserve it!!

  11. This is just tremendous Lynn...all the sweeter for having had a fews ups and downs after first hearing you won. It is a beautiful work of art! Many congratulations!!!

  12. Lynn, Congrats! I love your sunflower piece! How cool and totally right that you won a blue ribbon! XOXO

  13. Well done Lynn and well deserved, so glad you finally got your ribbon

  14. Congratulations, Lynn! Your sunflower quilt is beautiful and I always find myself gazing at it when I get to your blog. You're the woman!

  15. Congratulations, Lynn ! It is such a beautiful piece and so wonderful that is was recognized in this way ! YAY !

  16. Yay Lynn! This is one of my favorite pieces of your work! Well done

  17. I'm thrilled for you!! How did I miss this post?? (I've been so busy, sorry.)

    Lynn, I remember your apprehension when you started showing your work only a year ago or so, and look at you now!!

    I wonder if the artist who had the ribbon placed on her piece by mistake ever knew this happened. Yikes, that would be hard to swallow.

    It looks like there were so many wonderful pieces of art and such variety in the subject.

    Go Lynn!!

  18. I am so excited for you! Congratulations! You had some serious competition.

  19. Wow what a load of nice art pictures and how cool you won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Of to see your other posts. Have been away so a lot of catching up to do!

    Have a sunflower day ♥


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