Monday, June 6, 2011

Nothing Better Than A Weekend With Grandkids At Our House!

We picked the kids up at their house and drove them to ours on Saturday! We took them out to an early dinner Fenton's! Fenton's is noted for it's great ice cream sundaes! I'll let you wonder whether we got them "real food" first or not! LOL At the house they got right into creating art! I had some plain off white t-shirts in their size to draw on with fabric markers! We always read books before bed!
In the morning art gets made before breakfast!
My grand daughter is quite the clothes designer and went right at it with her
paper doll we made and she cut out and named "Emily"! Emily had underwear, a bathing suit, and many outfits all designed by my grand daughter!
and a poncho!
My grandson created "Joe" and designed a whole wardrobe of sports clothing for him.
Both kids like to sew. My grandson made a book mark and sewed beads to it.
Grandpa found some great music videos on UTube and the kids watched fascinated
to Spoons being played; and young kids like themselves playing proficiently on guitar
and banjo.
I hope they were inspired.
My grand daughter delights in teasing her grandfather! And vice verse!
Later we took a walk up the street to the park and they played on all the equipment there.
It was such a sweet weekend. We did way more than I show here
and it was all good and fun.
They went home happy and left us exhausted but over joyed!


  1. What a fun weekend. Doesn't it seem quite when your little guests leave. Sigh~~

  2. Looks like LOTS of Art was going on this weekend. They sure are doing good at it now all on their own. I love that Your GS is doing the Male version of what his Sister is doing. Do we have some future designers here? :))Oh and that Desert.. BIG sigh.. Wish I were young enough for it to not matter if I ate it. :O

  3. I agree...nothing better!!!!

  4. Creative grankids of creative granma:))

  5. I see nothing wrong with having dessert before dinner or in it's place. LOL!! I can't wait to be a grandma. I wanna be a fun one like you!

  6. I can see the pure pleasure and enjoyment on all faces, what a fun fun time and thanks for the extra photos, loved seeing them all.


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