Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Back!

Okay, the truth is out...we were gone for two weeks. But I never want to put that we are away on the Internet so I let you know I'd be too busy to visit your blogs for a bit and now you know why! But now we are: That "home" page is the final page in an art journal I kept on our trip...I will be sharing it with you a bit at a time along with photos taken, however the early photos are on a CD I have not had time to download or upload to the computer so bear with me, but I promise your patience will be well worth it. I got some very cool photos...
As we traveled through six states from California to Nevada, to Utah...
where we spent two days in two different sites hunting for fossils, first trilobites and later prehistoric fish. I think if you enlarge the journal pages you can pretty much keep up with what we did each of fourteen days...starting with these 1st two.
Suffice it to say we had the time of our lives, saw so much beauty, nature, wild animals, art; met nice people, ate good food even if it wasn't all good for us...drove hundreds upon hundreds of miles (he drove; I knit, drew and painted in the car); hiked in amazing places; felt peaceful and serene in others...what a fun and fabulous two weeks. It it hadn't of been us I would be jealous! LOL
And then we came home to learn that my "Indian Summer" art quilt that won 1st place in the art show before we left had been SOLD! It has a new home and the check was actually in the mail to meet me. Color me happy and honored!
Stay tuned for more trip news tomorrow or the next day; and YES, HENRY is happy to be back home too...he was well cared for at Pampered Pets by Kathy! We missed him and he missed us and a happy reunion is on going now.


  1. congrads on the quilt win and looking forward to photos. I know what you mean about the internet thing - I have become aware of that also....advertising "hey - no one's home in this house" sounds a bit odd to do.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip--we took a cross country trip a few years ago, and it is still my favorite one that we went on, and I can't wait to go back--compared to where I live (PA), it's like another planet--I loved it!!
    And BIG congatulations on your sale, but not a surprise.

  3. Your journal pages look so jammed packed with fun. Great to see. Congrats on selling the quilt. I had no doubt someone would buy it.

  4. Yay mazeltov on the WIN and the SALE. Am I surprised? No. I am very proud as I was the first person to commission you to make a quilt for me, which hangs in my new home.

  5. congrats on the sale. And on the wonderful trip which sounds great. i love it that you kept a travel journal.

  6. Thanks Mim...yes, sunflower are quilts seem to be the popular genre for me! ;-)

    Diane, I agree, we really see MORE than we can imagine by traveling this way. I loved it too. Thanks about the quilt too.

    Lisa, yes, there is way more to share and I will. Thanks for your confidence in my art!

    Soul, thanks, and YES, you started it all! ;-) Big thanks for that!

    Suki, thanks too; and the journal was such helps me remember all that we did and kept me feeling I was being artzy the whole week.

  7. Congrats! Congrats! Congrats Lynn!
    Your quilts are lovely & it comes as no surprise!
    Your road trip seems to be such the look of the journal!
    Take care.

  8. Congrats on the sale and the prize!!!! WOW!
    And how wonderful you had these lovely 2 weeks away! You really covered half your country:)
    Glad Henry is back home also and your pages look fab!!!!!
    Glad you are back home safely

    Have a wonderful weekend♥

  9. Congrats on your win and sale! Your travel journal looks wonderful, full of colour and joy.

  10. these pages glow with the excitement and joy of travel. And the quilts? Just gorgeous. I love how you scatter bright colors and joie de vive in your wake. hugs to you sister. xo

  11. Congrats and welcome home. I knew what was up and have congratulated you already but I am doing it again. I love what you have done in your journal so far and I bet it only got better. As practice makes for more fun. :)) So happy for you on your win and selling your art. We can get very attached to something we do and I bet it was hard to let go but that's why we do what we do... to share with others our visions, so this will bring lots of joy to whom ever bought it and others seeing it on their walls. Now go forth and make new art to share. I bet his trip will give you new incites for creating. Cris, Artist in Oregon. Am on my laptop & I cant get to my desktop so am having to let people know who Anonymous is.. lol

  12. Congratulations on your quilt and enjoyed looking at your journal pics ......welcome home ...x

  13. Congrats on getting a wonderful two weeks away!!!!! I am so happy for you on your quilt piece winning and selling! Awesome!!! I have got to figure out how to get some time away!!! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Lots of congrats are in order, Lynn! What a fabulous few weeks! Love your journal and can't wait to see more! Hugs, TErri xoxo


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