Sunday, June 26, 2011

YouTube - Grandson Plays the drum! Wow! Six years old

Yesterday I went to my daughters to celebrate my birthday...these photos are not in the order in which things happened but you will see the joy I am sure in each and every one. The HUGE SURPRISE was having my son and his wife come up from down stairs singing Happy Birthday to me...they drove in the night before from Portland, Oregon, a 14 hr drive, unbeknownst to me and I nearly screamed my throat hoarse in amazed joy at seeing them there! I also had the opportunity to give them their Festival Quilt in person and they were effusive with kudos about how much they LOVED IT!!! (My son had emailed me asking if I'd leave it at my daughters as a friend was coming through town and would pick it up saving us postage to mail it! And I believed him!!!! LOL)
We went to Muir Woods and walked in the redwood trees and then spent time on Stinson Beach where my grand daughter in blue and red dress and daughter in dark shirt and light shorts played with hoola hoops!
They were given clown noses for preforming so well!
Later after dinner I was given a gift from my children
of a lovely silver necklace with beads of the first initial of each grand child
with plenty of room to add a bead for the baby coming in August!
Here I am threading a needle to sew up a cat and a dog and a kids pillow.
They save their mending needs for when I get there even on my birthday!
and I love it!
Because my kids live so far apart I seldom get to be together with both at the same time.
So this photo is a treasure for me as was this day!
Here I am having a tete to tete sweet conversation with my grandson after his music
recital which you can watch on the UTUBE video below.
And after viewing the video or before, as is your inclination I discourse on
turning 70!
YouTube - Grandson Plays the drum! Wow! Six years old This video is part of my birthday celebration last night! Enjoy! This month I turned 70! I am here to tell you that 70 is a wonderful number to have reached in my life. Thinking I am the eldest in our blog land circle, the truly oldest old crone (you can correct me if someone of you have passed me in years); I want to expound on this milestone of mine! My life has certainly had it's rough roads, it's dips and valleys over the years, but I can truly say that I have reached this place now mostly unscathed, not too badly bruised in ego, mind or body, have weathered most storms and come out shining feeling incredibly blessed in all ways at this time in my life. The past ten years from 60-70 have been a wonderful adventure. Enjoying children's weddings; grand children's births; deciding that yes, my years are passing and at 65 I did a serious review of things and decided I needed to fill the coming years with more adventure and not just hard I took a leap of faith and dove into something others were calling Making Art. And what fun it is. A workshop here, a small class there, subscribing to magazines that inspired and taught, observing and learning from artist-blog friends and just DOING IT. And now I can say I AM an artist, who creates in paper and cloth, in photography and paint, with brushes, and sewing machines and while bouncing around and between these different mediums I am having fun and even showing art in shows and selling some too. It's such a wonderful affirmation of what I can do. And gives me such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Who knew? So now that I know in real life time the clock is ticking, I can hope for 20, maybe even 30 more years (I have a maternal aunt who is 93 and a paternal cousin who turns 95 this summer) the genes say YES! The body says keep going; the mind is still sharp (oh how I hope that continues too); I foresee more adventures, more family cohesiveness, and more exciting challenges in growing as an artist! LIFE is good! I'm wearing a T-shirt that says just that. And yesterday my family threw a party in my honor; my son surprised me by coming down from Portland, Oregon for the occasion; my grand kids crawled all over me and my art journal; we drew pictures of each other; we walked in the woods, played at the beach, ate good food, and had a blast! Some people might think 70 is old. I'd just say it's exciting to be alive and LIVING LIFE TO IT'S FULLEST!!!! So don't fear it, as my aunt Mimi says "It's just a number!" I am going to enjoy each new day I am given and hope for lots and lots more birthdays to celebrate in the process!!!! Thanks for letting me share with you. Color me Happy!


  1. Lynn, You sound so joyful and vibrant...both things which help keep one young! I couldn't view your video, it said Private, but I am sure it was a celebration to remember!

    Ps: You don't look your have good genes!

  2. The UTube video is made public now you should be able to view and hear it. Enjoy!

  3. lynn, happy bday, what a lovely post...and such a beautiful family to all be there with you...loved it! xox

  4. Happy is a beautiful color on you Lynn. Happy Birthday. I know your family is dear to you and the best gift was to have them all together on your behalf. Those genes have been good to you. You look great and sound even better. Cheers.

  5. Wow, Lynn, what a wonderful birthday surprise. I do know what that's like as my children did it for my 60th - all 3 together at the same time and it was amazing. You look so full of joy and very young for 70! Lucky you. I loved your post about reaching 70 and it made me think - and consider - thank you for that. Your children are lovely and your grandchildren - aren't they just a joy? Your 6 year old drummer is a real talent. My father was a professional drummer so I know!! He also has an amazingly cheeky smile - what a handsome boy. May you reach at least 100 - I hope I do too but the genes on my side aren't as good as yours. Ah well, we shall see.
    Lovely post. xxxxxx

  6. Happy birthday Lynn. You sure received the best gift in the world from your family and that is family love gathered together.

  7. Wow Lynn! You've had an amazing birthday full of surprises. Happy birthday! I had no idea that you had only been making art for 5 years. Wow! You are simply amazing!!! I can't wait to see what you create in the next 5 years.

  8. You look wonderful Lynn and I am so happy you got to spend time with both of your kids together. What a lovely gift that was in of itself. A great family photo you got too. That is a lovely large.. as in lots of work.. quilt you made them and they will treasure it forever. You're not getting older you're getting better!!!! Loved the video too.

  9. i'm here but i cannot rush through this. i have looked at your photos and read enough to know that this is as special as it gets. so i am coming back when i can savor every word.

    for now i will just say you look great lynn, i love your smile, and your son's hand on your daughter's shoulder says everything about the family you've raised.


  10. Oooh Lynn! What an absolutely lovely, inspiring and joyful post. You truly ARE an inspiration of what living the "good life" can do for a person's soul. It is so obvious that you are incredibly loved AND appreciated. I am smiling for you. Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU.

  11. Lynn--Happy Birthday--I love your youthful attitude and spirit for adventure--you're my inspiration!

  12. okay, i'm back and i'm super inspired! i feel and live as you do lynn. i am grateful in every way. in the past few years i also had the sad pleasure of having my heart broken and i'm not sure what the lesson is there, but i do know i'm still not questioning the power of love.

    your family is beautiful. such authentic smiles and kindness. your little guy plays those drums so very well, and you! you radiate! it's so obvious you are an artist! i will look for you on the path, and i will slow down or quick up to say hello often :^)

    the happiest of birthdays, lynn!


  13. Congratulations Lynn! gosh!!!!!!
    This is inspiring. Soon I will turn 50 and still I have to shake the rest of my mid life crisis :(
    But there is hope maybe 10 years from now I am following your example.
    What a fantastic surprise they arranged for you. Your soon driving 14 hours from Portland, well that says something how much he loves you!!!
    Your grandson is amazing at those drums.
    Wow you sure had a good time .
    And you look at least 15 years younger than you are!!!!

    Lots of love and birthday hugs♥

  14. Belated Happy Birthday, Lynnie!!!!!!! The photos are great and your narration says it all... fun with family on Birthday is the most precious feeling & memory one can have...

    Love & hugs

  15. Happy Birthday, LYNN!!!! Sorry I missed it! Looks like such a surprise and happy birthday from your kids and the grands. Love your bead necklace!!! Congrats on reaching a milestone birthday year!!! Fabulosa!!!
    Loads of love from me...

  16. Are you sure you haven't messed up the dates somewhere? There's no way you look 70! At least not like the other 70's I've seen! It always fills me with great hope and happiness to see people older than I enjoying so much of life. I want to be like you when I grow up!

  17. Happy (belated) birthday, Lynn! I agree that age is just a number. I am in Arkansas now visiting my mom, who is ten years older than you and still running around with her artist circle, bridge club, and all over the place in her purple sport sandals.

    What an amazing birthday surprise you got!

  18. Oh Lynn, this post warms my heart! You may be the oldest in years of our blog family, but you are one of the youngest at heart!
    It looks like you couldn't have had a better celebration for your 70th. yay!!! Many happy returns, my friend.♥

  19. I turned 70 last Nov. I can't believe I'm that old because inside my head I'm still in my 40s. Yes we have to have all the adventures we are able too from here on.


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