Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Fun Weekend: Bodega Bay and Meeting an Old Friend

We spent the mid morning and afternoon at Bodega Bay, after a brief stop in Sebastopol at the bookstore, art gallery, art supply store. I always find things I can use in my artistry there. Then to the beach after picking up the requisite clam chowder and french bread to eat at the headlands overlooking the ocean. Summer flowers were in great abundance. So many colors and varieties.
We always end the day with an ice cream cone...never mind it was only an hour before we were meeting a friend for dinner.
These fire flowers were in Valley Ford across the street from The Oyster House!
Michele met us there. Here she is sweet thing, holding the bag I made and she bought last November from my ETSY store! How sweet was that!
Michele and I go back to the 1970's when we met in a philosophy class at the community college. I also took drama there one semester! We reminisced the years our daughters were babies together; talked about their marriages in recent years; shared notes about our grandchildren!
It was really sweet to see her after all this time. I think we last got together about 20 yrs ago. Too long between visits, but nice to know our friendship lives on.
Michele is the author of almost 20 published books and articles on food.
You can read more about her and her work here. ************
At home on Sunday I worked some more on my sunflower quilt.
Am at the stage where I am adding "bling!"
I have a second project lined up mostly in my
mind right now but will start to materialize it soon. *****
Hope you all had a funfilled weekend,
at least a relaxing one!


  1. Great photos. Looks like you had a great time and reunion with your Friend. That is a bit long inbetween visits tho...Love those Red flowers.

  2. Bodega Bay,,,,one of my favorite places!
    I was there in August one year, cold, raw, rainy. Eerie,,,and so Hitchcock, was the atmosphere. You'd never believe it to be the same place as your photo shows!

    Wonderful reunion with your friend, so very nice!

  3. We had beautiful weather, surprisingly so...must have been 70 wind...perfect. We were actually expecting cool and wanting it as we left 90+ degrees behind at home. But it was perfect.

  4. It is great that you got to be with your friend. Such beautiful scenery and a beautiful friendship.

  5. How sweet to spend time with an old friend! Can't wait to see all the bling and what else you have planned in your head.

  6. How fun! And isn't it great to just get in the car and escape to an entirely different weather pattern?

  7. You have the most accommodating husband in the world! And you two do the most fun things. I love that first photo!
    Glad you had a good time with your friend.


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