Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#13 View From My Hammock TMC

Today I lay in my hammock in the back yard and looked out over the fence and liked the view.
I wondered if I could paint it.
 The top is the end result. The bottom is the drawing and watercolor painted picture done in 20 minutes for the Twenty Minute Challenge. I've been trying to paint almost daily since joining this group. This is my 13th painting in that challenge.
When the 20 minutes were up
I felt I need to see more so I used a bold black marking pen and outlined my painting and got
the top photo that I think you will agree really makes the picture pop right off the page.
(click on photos to enlarge)
This is a technique I learned in a 4 hr workshop I took last year from David Peterson of Sacramento, CA. It's the style he uses.
Being just a tad less than humble I'll remind you that in our recent Juried Art Show this summer,
David won first prize in the watercolor division and
I won second.
(It was only my 6th ever watercolor at the time)
Yep, color me proud.

If you missed my late posting yesterday
you may want to scroll down and visit the link to
a most incredible video of a bird caring for it's young.
I called it the Empty Nest Syndrome.


  1. Love this post! It's good to see someone else who shows how they went about a completed painting....keep up the good work with 20 Min. Challenge:)

  2. Your 20 min challenges are fun Lynn. I like this style you are adopting with the bold lines.

  3. thanks for showing the two versions. the black lines do add a lot. love the angle of vision too.

  4. Lynn, these are is all your 20 minute watercolors! What you choose to paint has really been holding my interest. Can't wait to see the next one -

  5. I love this. I love it because you finished it with the black marker. Your work is really improving with all that practice. I can see it.

  6. I love how you finished it up with ink. It is a great technique and really brings out the core picture. I went back and watched the robin video - OMG! That is amazing.

  7. OH how AWESOME. Although I really love the watercolor drawing for its murkiness, I really like the painting after you outlined it. And of course, I am proud of you for taking second place last year right behind the instructor.

  8. I forgot to mention how much I like that sunflower in your blog banner.

  9. such a cool pice in such a short time !
    You are doing an awesome job with this challenge !

  10. Lynn, this is a beautiful painting - and just in 20 minutes. I like it very much. Oh, and the sunflower in your banner - wow!!!

  11. lynn, i truly mean this: you paint like i want to. i love this, i love how you fill in your color.

    did you use a micron pen? they are my discovery of the decade,



  12. Thanks ANN, I am enjoying the challenge so very much!

    LISA, glad you like the bold lines too! ;-)

    SUKI, thanks for noticing the angle of vision! Saw it first while laying in the hammock!

    MARTY, it's fun to know someone is noticing my subject choices and enjoying them as much as I am! It's simply "my life in watercolors".

    CRIS, thanks for noticing my improvement. Wonderful feedback like that keeps me going.

    PATTY/PAK ART, yes, the bold lines speak to me too! And were those birds adorable?

    DIANE, thanks so much! Glad you liked it.

    ELIZABETH and BLUEBEARD, glad you like it too, thanks for the kudos for my win! And glad you like the new banner too. ;-)

    KIM, I appreciate your feedback and kudos too.

    CAROLA, so glad you like both!!!!
    Thank you.

    KJ, wow, what a compliment to be told you want to paint like me, it sounds like I would say to someone else I admire. Thank you!
    The pen I used is a Faber-Castell 4 PITT artist pen black, bold. It's almost like a paint pen/or marker. Kind of soft, brush like.

  13. hello Lynniskynni :):) Thanks so much for your motivating comments, I'm slowly getting back to blogging, after a busy years of change, this is great, I love your 20 minute drawings very much! take care, love, Andrea

  14. I love both! You are very good at this, well I think I have told you before:)
    The outlines really makes the work and colors pop.

    Wish I had time to try it.......


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