Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So Many Animals So Little Time

This beautiful pelican photo was
taken in SF on the pier near the Golden Gate Bridge a few weekends ago...
 And this sweet sea lion was swimming in the water under the pier where people were fishing waiting for some stray bait to come his way...
 This land dog is named Juno or June Bug and he is bonding with his new baby sister, Allie Bel in Portland, OR.
 This beautiful fat sea gull is among the group looking for fish to catch on the SF pier.
 The Pelican obviously spies his prey and is taking off to get his fill.
 Closer to home we ran into this sweet couple on a different Saturday drive.
 And these turkeys live up the street from us...
 Oops, where did he come from?
 And just in case you were wondering, Henry V still lives with us and is on guard duty  in the back yard assessing his domain.
All of this to say
Have a Very Happy Animal Wednesday!


  1. Awesome animals - especially dog and little adorable new baby. (I see the hand keeping the rough paws away from new skin).

    Happy Animal Wednesday!!

  2. What a mixture...beautiful baby.
    don't know whether you noticed on Facebook bu I sold 3 vintage dresses on Monday..believe it or not 2 are going to San Francisco and 1 is going to Portland Oregan!!!

  3. You have lots of wildlife in your area Lynn. Especially liked the June Bug picture with that sweet Grand.

  4. aw that baby is so sweet. how small they are. we forget. a great assembly of animals too. like a trip to the zoo.

  5. love your assortments of animals on this fine day! It's always a little worrisome to see how the pets react to new baby but this looks like it's going quite well. HAW!

  6. Beautiful photos. I especially like the one of the turkeys. So artistic!

    Allie Bel,,,doesn't get much sweeter than those two bonding!

  7. The feathers of the brown pelican are awesome! What a splendid capture!

  8. I love sea lions/seals. So cute. I was wondering where Henry was in this array of animal pics. As he would say: "Saved the vest for last."

  9. Oh wow! What beautiful pictures and that doggie and baby!!!! So cute!


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