Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Wizard and Computer News

Some of you
probably have seen this already on the Twenty Minute Challenge:
he is the Wizard in my office and I used him for a subject to paint for TMC day before yesterday.
Blue desk pen, Koi kit paints, tiny brush, 20 minutes exactly!
You can read more about him over at TMC. (See side bar link)

NOW, I am a very very very lucky woman,
who happens to live next door for the past 22 years to Dave,
my computer hero!
My computer has been moving slow as molasses lately so I gave Dave a call.
He does house calls for FREE.
He came over last night to look at things.
And found that I am running on NO MEMORY & VERY FULL HARD DRIVE!!!!
my computer might very well
self destruct.

So, I cannot add anymore photos until he takes it away to his house and
cleans it up; and adds the new second hard drive I bought after work today;
and hopefully I won't have to wait for the four RAM thingies I ordered
on Amazon tonight...
but if I do,
there may not be any NEW photos of things drawn or painted or sewn
until that all can be installed.

So use your imaginations: Today I went to lunch at Jalisco's.
I sat at my table alone, and ordered my usual
1 fish taco
1/2 order of the best guacamole in the whole world
a basket of chips
and water with fresh lime.

I sat and drew in my sketchbook with a black writing pen
the see through refrigerator holding all the soda and water bottles
and a few other things topped with a few Mexican clay pots!
But I can't show you yet.
We have to wait until Dave fixes the computer.
but I liked what I did!!!!!
I "painted" one part of the picture using my finger dipped into some
left over

Really I did!


If I have to be away from this device for long
I may very well go stir crazy.
Withdrawals are setting in just thinking about it.

Till then!

Your friend,


  1. Odd that I just had to do the same thing to my computer Lynn. They do need a little maintenance from time to time. I like your wizard painting.

  2. lucky you to have this man next door and that he is so kind as to visit you free. well, sounds like he knows just what to do. that's a big bonus too. just be patient. it will straighten out. ! We will exercise our imaginations visualizing your words in pictures.

  3. Oh dear, I hope your computerfriend will figure out how you can get back into that thing as quickly as possible:) Lots of love, and greetings from sunny paris...


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