Friday, September 2, 2011

Drawing In Public and Dave's Finished Work

I drew at lunch this week, a goal to get comfortable drawing in public so I can do it for a Plein Air painting contest in October!
 Yesterday it took all day to complete the re haul of my computer. He found, (are you sitting down?)
17,000 errors that he fixed; and 73,273 photos!!!! He had to move them sometimes one at a time.
I have some major organizing tasks to preform over the rest of my lifetime I get things in more order and free up more room on my computer. Although he added a huge second hard drive and four chips of memory are on their way. I will be forever in his debt!
Now I am off to a fun filled day in Calistoga with Patty! Obviously more photos will be taken!!!!


  1. Don't we have loads and loads of things on our computers. I make sure I backup all my files cos if I lost them all I would be devastated.

  2. Drawing in public is fun I think. During our trip up the coast I did one morning in a Starbucks and I really liked it. Have fun in Calistoga - such a fun little place.

  3. Fun drawing. This is your life in your sketches. :)) So happy you have Dave or we wouldnt have all this to see. Thats a LOT of photos .. you are a photo taking wiz machine.. LOL


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