Friday, September 2, 2011

Checking Out Calistoga With Patty!

Patty and I drove to Calistoga, CA yesterday (using my new GPS) to find the art center there;
 We had a lovely lunch of salad and crab cakes at this pleasant outdoor restaurant
The art center is the organization hosting the upcoming (Oct 7-9th) PaintOut! where I want to participate in plein air painting...a first for me...
We met other artists and art teachers at the center; really nice people who were also
going to be participating in the Paint Out.
I tried really hard not to feel intimidated. Patty is very good at building me up
and reassuring me that I am ready to do this.
Nothing like a lifetime best friend
to hold your hand and push you through!
Thanks Patty!!!
 We ate, walked down town checking out shops, art galleries and the visitors center for places to stay...
 It was HOT there, the first really HOT day either of us had experienced all summer!
That alone warranted getting a Gelato and a cookie!
 We found a delightful B & B where I made a one night reservation for the event so I won't have to drive home and back so many times. And can be there early in the morning to paint all day!
 We found this lovely piece of art in the area where I registered for my room.
I'm starting to get a little (nervous) excited; and will be practicing around home painting outside more, maybe even where other people will be so this will stop feeling so darned scary! I have  a whole month to practice, practice, practice and get myself psyched up for it!


  1. Go on Lynn, you can do it. Your feeling a bit self concious at the moment but as you said you have a month to practise. I used to be very self concious many years ago and I started doing party plan. Having to stand up in front of people and talk.
    I found it worse with people that I knew. But Hey you get over it and so will you.

  2. Hi Lynn, That was such a good idea, to go and take a look round the place where you will be doing your art - you have a feel for it now and it won't seem too strange at the time. But don't worry, there will be others at the event feeling Exactly like you, and when it comes to it you'll settle in and wonder why on earth you had been so concerned. From the photos it looks like it will be great.

  3. You'll be fantastic Lynn, you are a natural!!

  4. I'm not exactly sure what you'll be doing (painting all day with other artists--is it?) But whatever it is, don't feel intimidated--I would feel intimidated with you (if I didn't know how sweet you were :)
    You are so talented!
    And I want to say again--I wish I lived in your part of the country--first really hot day???

  5. You can do it Lynn. You will have a good time doing it too. I understand that feeling of dread of having someone watch you paint. That is the most weird feeling.

  6. This is YOUR one precious life, don't be nervous ! Just enjoy the process !;-)
    This sounds like a heavenly experience, Lynn.
    Soak it all up !

  7. Your art is always so wonderful, I can't imagine there is anything you can't do. And practice is ALWAYS good. I'm glad you have a friend who will push you. Lovely, lovely bird, too. And come stay with me a day. Then you will REALLY know hot!!

  8. What a cute little outdoor restaurant. I want to go there. :) How fun to go be part of all that art and do the plein Air painting with everyone. We have one around here every year I believe. Go have fun. Thats what its all about. It's the things you didnt do in ones life time that you tend to regret.

  9. lynn, your best friend patti is as lucky to have you as you are to have her. how great a trusted best friend is!

    i wish you every success, which is an easy wish. are you painting outside, is that the challenge?


  10. Yes, the challenge is Plein Air Painting which in French means Fresh Air or painting outdoors the things you see there! We must complete the picture on site and turn it in the next day to be judged; and it must be for sale as well. This event ends with a "Gala" four hours in length.

    Now that I have announced my intentions I am worrying myself to death. I need to stop worrying and just keep drawing and painting from now until then. I will be fine! I will be fine! I will be fine!


    I will be fine!


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