Sunday, September 4, 2011

Find Me At Seth Apter's Altered Page Today and Yesterday's Art and Ocean Day

Yesterday we had a refreshing day at Bodega Bay!
The temperature was in the 60's
perfect ocean weather
the waves were high
fun to watch

crashing on the rocks!

Earlier in the day we drove down this street in Sebastopol and it was a living outdoor art show,
as in front of almost every house on the block was this permanently installed  huge piece of metal sculpture art!
and I got out with my camera and walked up and down the street taking photos,
this being a very few of the many.
I saw a young woman outside one of the houses and asked her about them.
She told me her father, Patrick Amiot, is the artist who created
all of these wonderful gems.
We had seen other's of his on the way into town that were even LARGER/HUGE on
the side of hillsides and roads and businesses.
To see more go to


  1. Your day yesterday looks wonderful. I cannot wait for temps in the 60s. Thanks for spreading the word about Style File.

  2. What a fun post this is. I LOVE the art in the yard. I think I love the red truck best but the black and white dog below is awesome too. How fun you saw these and how fun to be mentioned in Seths blog like that.

  3. What a fun day! Wish I was there.

  4. OH HOW FUN!
    Now I have to check that link, thanks!

  5. Yet another lovely little road trip! You go to such interesting places. I love the outdoor sculptures.

  6. that street is amazing with all the metal art. only in CA I guess.

    congrats on your spot on Seth apter's page.

  7. wow on everything. right now I would love a cooler ocean day! it looks like so much fun to watch those crashing waves and in a way - so relaxing.
    I'm off to look at your page!!! exciting

  8. Lynn, Congrats to the feature on Seth's blog, I must check him out, where on earth have I been? Happy art at the beach, what could be better? xoxo

  9. How wonderful to come across something this unusual, no wonder you stopped the car. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  10. You've captured those sculptures really well. Aren't they gorgeous?

  11. Look like you have so much adventurous Lynn!

    Love seeing these new discoveries--cool puppets of course!

    I hope we all get ready for 2012 as it's another few more months to come!

  12. Your trip with Patty looked like so much fun. I've never taken a plein air class, nor have I painted outdoors, although I've sketched several times from real life. I LOVE the Boston Terrier metal art. It is so cute!

  13. Love that beautiful ice plant!


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