Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sunflower III Grand Finale

After  several months of working on this, my latest textile wall hanging, is ready for show!
I started with just the background (torn strips of fabric sewn together, stamped and painted, sunflower poems transferred on; then some free motion machine sewing and old fashioned stitch in the ditch quilting; followed by lots and lots and lots of stitching by hand with embroidery floss and yarn.
Click on the photos to enlarge and see greater detail if you like.

Leaves were cut from hand dyed fabric (from Chris's Dyed Candy Etsy Shop) and hand embroidered.
 Three stalks were cut out and stuffed from three different fabrics: flannel, lime cotton and batik cotton all matching stripes in the background. These were bound in natural hemp and then hand stitched and beaded.

Three flower heads were cut and stuffed and beaded sewn down to the previously added flower petals which were also hand stitched to the background. With the exception of the leaves all fabrics were from my stash found in thrift stores and garage sales. I pride myself in using mostly up cycled materials. This includes the bead and floss as well.
 I also transferred my own photographs of sunflowers on silk printable fabrics and they are sewn by hand on top of the background fabrics.
 Lots of french knots, straight stitches, cross stitches, and others were added for more texture to the background; Felt circles topped with buttons were also added for some splashed of orange and yellow pizazz!

 The bottom is cut unevenly so the  whole piece hangs in a vase shape with a fence like bottom.
 You have to look closely but there are also a few gold hummers and dragon flies hiding on leaves and over sunflower photos.

I had a lot of fun taking my time with this art quilt.
It might hang around here until next years Sunflower Art Show in Davis;
we'll see. My previous two sunflower wall hangings both sold faster than I could
hang them maybe this one can live with me for a while


  1. Amazing creation, such lovely details and colours!

  2. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. I can see you have put such a lot of work into this, and boy was it worth it....(wish I could make something this good).

  3. Gorgeous Lynn--it would Very hard to part with--all that detail that you've put into it--just wonderful!

  4. Oh, Lynn, too beautiful to part with. I really don't like to play favorites, but this one might tip me over the edge!

  5. All of the hand sewn detail makes this exceptional Lynn. It is so well done. Beautiful. It takes your mind and soul on a stroll through a sunflower field.

  6. Wonderful 3-D details. Such a good feeling when a project is finished.

  7. Awesome job and workmanship and another winner. But where's the full view?? You should enjoy it before it goes out on the show circuit. :))

  8. Once in a show this will be sold before you know it as well!
    It looks great dear♥

  9. Where DO you find the time? This is stunning!

  10. FABULOUS, Lynn!!!! Your gorgeous quilt is the antidote for today's nasty weather!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  11. Simply beautiful! What a lot of work you put in - can you bear to part with it?

  12. Thank you ALL for your wonderful reactions to my Sunflower III.

    It was a most fun labor of love.
    I'm glad you like it as much as I do... ;-)

    Hugs to you all for taking the time to look and comment. There are a few more photos on my other blog: I will try for a better full length photo for you soon (Cris).

  13. you are so creative and inventive. this is truly amazing. Good luck keeping it long enough to hang on your wall!

  14. This is really beautiful. I love sunflowers and I love what you've done with them here. Nice work!

  15. This is stunning, Lynn!!! You are amazingly talented!

  16. Oh my gosh. I can't believe I've gotten this far behind in my blog reading. Lynn, you've done it again. I love this piece. Your creativity inspires me. Always trying something new.


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