Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Animal Wednesday And Sunflower III Stays in the Family!

Another Patrick Amiot metal sculpture for Animal Wednesday
And a friend from Bodega Bay

 This you may remember is an animal of a different sort: The portrait of my grand son called "Something Dreadful". I gave it to him as a gift and he loves it.
Well, last night my grandson saw Sunflower III on facebook and told me he thought it was "soooo beautiful"....then he asked if it was for sale! I said it might be but I couldn't sell it to my grand child.
He said: "How much? I'd like to support your art!" This boy/man is now 21 years old. But there is no way that I could sell a piece of my art to my grandchild. So I told him that he could consider it an early inheritance, but would have to wait a year to collect it as I want to put it in some shows this year first.
I haven't heard back from him yet...but the idea that he wants it #1 and then that it will stay in the family #2 really makes me happy! As one friend said, it will be passed down generation to generation!
How cool is that?!!! Way cool!
Happy Animal Wednesday


  1. smart kid - he should go into investment banking!

    love that mailbox and HAW to you

  2. Waaaay cool, YES!

    And that IS one gorgeous piece of work, no wonder he wants it!

    And I'm very in love with that sculpture!

  3. Great that your Grandson want this piece. All of your Grands should have one. I hope they all want one. HAW.

  4. I LOVE that sculpture. What a great imagination that man has. I also love your new quilt piece. When a family memeber loves a piece you do that is very very high praise. and that he loves it enough to want pay for it even tho you will give it to him is even higher praise. What an inspiriation you are to your Grandkids.

  5. Your grandson is a wonderful young man! I don't even know him but I love him already. I think it's so neat when kids appreciate what their relatives do.


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