Thursday, September 8, 2011

Been Drawing A Lot Lately

I drew her last night off a book cover of a book

I bought last weekend at Borders Going Out of Business Sale called: The Corner

Our new large coffee table with the bottom shelf was supposed to keep our living room looking neat.
What ever made me think we could not fill a larger space to as over flowing as the smaller table?

 This couple was standing at the edge of a cliff over looking the beach at the Bodega Bay Headlands last Saturday.
 And this guy was playing with a group of musicians at the CATZ CAFE in Sabastopol last Sunday.
He's an unfinished drawing as they had to stop playing suddenly and leave as a wedding party was coming in to use the space.
 This group of people were all standing at the look out area at Bodega Bay Headlands. The short guy on the right end was leaning over his cane.
 And today I did another Plein Air drawing at our Town Square at noontime over my lunch. Those guys and the rest of us were listening to live folk music. It was very enjoyable. It ended just as I finished the drawing and had to get back to work.
I'm proud to say that three of these were Plein Air drawings!
Slowly I am becoming more and more comfortable doing this.


  1. Oh I'd love to do 'plein air' drawings Lynn! Yours are just wonderful and your descriptions and observations are so interesting. Keep it up!!

  2. Your drawings are interesting Lynn. I enjoy seeing them and hearing the little stories about each one.

  3. yes....don't stop now, your drawings are wonderful! I love seeing them (almost) every day. Let's me know where you've been!

  4. I'm guessing that all artists have messy areas in their homes...I know I do. It's part of being an artist! Your sketches are great - I need to do more outdoors and I always enjoy it, so why don't I?

  5. You are really doing great Lynn. I love seeing what you will do next. I hope you keep this up as you are really good at capturing life this way.

  6. Good for you Lynn! You are always working your craft(s)! I especially like the top two drawings.

    I love love love sebastopol!! And Bodega Bay has always been a favorite place of mine. I'm glad I can still visit by way of you and your drawing!


  7. My, you've been sketching like a demon, Lynn! I can see the progress you are making too! I had to laugh at your table space - it's very true, the more space you have the more clutter you can accumulate!!

  8. you know lynn how much i admire these drawings, you just show up somewhere and sketch. what a life!

  9. love the idea of drawing in public. does anyone hang over your shoulder? soon, they'll be offering to purchase. and what a boon to draw to music!! I love the place you live.

  10. And doing quite well, I might add. I love these little sketches and they give me something to work toward. I need to practice this more, too.


Thanks for leaving your comments as I love hearing from you. Your words of encouragement are why I continue to draw!