Friday, September 9, 2011


Last night after work I went over to Big 5, a sporting outfit store
and found my ARTIST'S CHAIR.
It's by Coleman, and is a camp chair with a side tray that includes a hole for a water cup, room
for paints, brushes, pens, pencils, etc. even an eraser!
It folds up and has handles for carrying it too.

This morning I headed out a whole five miles from home to a small Regional Park
called Pena Adobe.
I parked in the lot and walked several yards to this spot where I set up my chair and supplies
 it was really picture perfect! A light blue sky, beautiful trees and shadows!
 This is a watercolor set that looks like kids paints but I think they are pretty good. What do I know?
I used a brand new flat water brush. And I drew and painted in my larger 9" X 12" sketchbook with watercolor paper #140.
 First I drew with pencil and that took about twenty minutes. A guy jogged past me and shouted out:
"Are you drawing?" I said: "I AM!!!" He gave me a huge smile! I felt both encouraged and then a little voice in my head said 'who the heck do you think YOU are?' But I quickly shooed her away!!!

This is the painting
 and then I used what I now consider MY STYLE and took out a fine tipped artist pen and outlined the areas I wanted to high light. I like my trees and sky. My shadows look more like water running down hill, but what the heck. I am learning.
And the best part of it was that I had fun doing it...spent almost two full hours at it...and came away feeling darn proud of myself! So there! Lynn the Plein Air Artist at work!

If you want to see more you can click to enlarge the photos, but it's okay if you don't. LOL


  1. what a lovely place to paint looks perfect and pleased you had a successful day .....xx

  2. Your chair is fantastic Lynn! Your paintings are lovely and sitting outside in the fresh air and sunshine is a great way to make art. Keep at it!

  3. this is great lynn, plus you get to be outside in the lovely weather!

  4. You were so right to buy that chair, No. 1 priority, always be comfortable when painting...and you certainly managed a great painting, I really like 'your style' as you call it...perfect. Keep up the good work.

  5. That is one pretty cool chair outfit. You are going to rock that competition coming up. The painting is awesome too. I LOVE your style. You just keep growing as an Artist and now you have done something you really wanted to do.. go out in public and paint. You can join the Impressionists from the past, as a Plein air Aritist.

  6. What a cool set up!

    And the shadows DO look like water running downhill and you captured it perfectly :)

  7. Way to go Lynn. It looks like you had a blast. You certainly have found the best chair for your plein air forays. I can't wait to see what all you do. Maybe I will make myself get out there too now that it has cooled off.

  8. What a great idea to turn a outdoor chair into a artist chair!
    And the result are immediately wow!

  9. Well done Lynn! You have got wonderful colours for your picture. It certainly is daunting to work plein aire....never know where to stop!!!! Will look forward to a lot more such pictures!

  10. You are so funny! Great work and I too love that style. Keep it up and enjoy your chair

  11. great job Lynn!!!

    I love your style and thought your painting was very well done!!

    One WHOO HOO to you!!!!

  12. Lynn, This is wonderful!!!! I am glad you shooed that silly negative voice away.
    Kisses to Henry.

  13. Good for you, taking the plunge! i never did plein air until I went to Italy the first time last year. It was a totally different art experience. Thanks for stopping by my place, Happy PPF!

  14. You found a great chair. I like the lovely painting you did too!

  15. oh be still my heart.


    this is exactly the way to live!!!


  16. what a wonderful thing to coming into your artistic talents with such enthusiasm. ;) and such a fabulous chair, i am going right to town N O W!

    bravo, kind lady xox

  17. I love that chair!!! It looks perfect. And I like to outline style, it suits you.

    Have you ever tried making your shadows blue or purple? Payne's Grey is also good for shadowing :)

    Way to go Lynn!

  18. I like what you said about "my style". I have struggled to perfect a style that I admire, but my sketches always turn out like me. So I guess I have my own style and I suppose I will have to accept it. Being left-handed, this chair would never work for me, but it looks like it will be perfect for you. Kudos!

  19. Bravo Lynn - you've got the equipment and the determination so you're bound to do well! Looking forward to seeing many more paintings now!

  20. Yes! I'm so proud of you! Put those negative voices out of your mind - I do it too, and then I've got to remind myself that I'm doing art because I LOVE TO DO IT - it's not really for anybody else, although if they love it too, then that's cool.

  21. That is the perfect chair!!! You chose a beautiful spot for the first "try" and your painting is lovely.

  22. Thank you artymess, patti, sukipoet, Ann, Cris, Kimmie, Lisa,
    marianne, Brinda, Mim, mommyrides,
    Annie (I did, and he said thanks); Mary H., Kate, KJ, Linda, Lolo, Katie Jane, Caroline, Patty PA, and Carola!!!!!

    Thank you all so very much. Your encouragement, suggestions and kudos all help me continue on this path!!!!

  23. OMG, Lynn! What a wonderful set up! It's absolutely perfect!!! Enjoy! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  24. Yes, so much to see on your blog.
    I can feel your joy, painting is not just hobby but of satisfaction!

    I am glad you did it LYNN!

  25. Congrats on your chair. And wow, you live in such a beautiful place with so many varied landscapes.


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