Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Yael

Yesterday my grandchildren turned 7.
This is the first year they got separate birthday parties.
Aaron invited his soccer teammates to an indoor soccer match at the Alameda Navel Station airplane hanger. They had a bouncy house too I understand.
I went with daughter and grand daughter to join twelve other girlfriends
to this delightful little art studio called 4Cats.
 The walls were covered in canvas' of copied art of all the famous artists.
 If you can read the sign from out front it explains the name as that of a cafe where a young Picasso and his friends hung out to discuss art....
 Each of the 12 guests were set up with a table easel and canvas, paints and brush...and told to draw a flower like Georgia O'Keeffe...

 Mom, my daughter, checks out her daughters masterpiece.
 Best friend, Ella, is a serious artist too.
 The studio originated in Canada, and this is the first of it's kind in the Berkeley!
 Thinking back on it it was the quietest birthday party I'd ever attended. Everyone was so quiet while they drew and painted. After wards they ate cake in a different room and sang
Happy Birthday in French, Hebrew and English!
 My grand daughter's finished painting!!!
Color me Proud Grand MaMa!


  1. Good for them. What fun to to be made to feel special with their own celebrations. I could really get into that painting party. She did a marvelous job.

  2. Wow I want to have MY birthday party there. Wouldn't that be fun? Happy birthday Yael and Aaron

  3. wow that is the coolest birthday party i know of. i too want mine there!! what fun. Happy birthday to both.

  4. What a fun place to go. I love it. Just for kids too. I was wondering where they came up with the name of the place... Someone is pretty clever. Everyone looked like they were having a ball. and yes it was quiet I would imagine. When one is in their right brain mode they cant really speak much because of the concentrating needed to create. so what better place to bring a large group of children. :))I'll bet the Boys group wasnt so quiet. :) Anyone get pix in that venue?

  5. As a former grade 1 teahcer, I remember so well the way the kids would get quiet when they would start to paint. How they would get focused and be in the NOW ! That is a great gift to teacher them young !
    Bonne Fete, Yael !

  6. This is my kind of place, All that paint and fun...I went back and took a peek at posts I have missed, and I missed a lot. Thank you for stopping by my place, I missed you so much. Your, Mary

  7. Wow. That is a birthday to remember!!! I am envious.

  8. What a really cool place for a party!!! They all had such different choices for their flowers! Very cool. Happy birthday to both grands!!!!!

  9. What a great way to celebrate a little girl's birthday - lovely colourful post! Birthday wishes to both!

  10. Happy, Happy belated B'day to Yael!!! What a wonderful B'day celebration!!! I totally enjoyed reading all of the posts, the studio, seeing the girls "giggle" and your interpretation of this special event!!! How wonderful that you could be a part of the celebration, Lynn! Hugs, Terri xoxox


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