Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More birthday Party Pictures...Let Them Eat Cake!

A follow up to yesterdays birthday celebrations: While the girls all painted their Georgia O'Keeffe flowers I sat and drew and painted them painting!
Did you think I could just sit there surrounded by all that art going on and
just twiddle my thumbs?!!

We both
loved all the canvas' of the different artists get a bit of art education here.

And then they had CAKE!
 7 year old girls are cute...They chatter on, but I'm not sure what about...I can't really recall hearing
any conversation...
 My grand daughter who is a twin is flanked on both sides here by another set of twins!
 They giggle a lot.
 and they don't seem to mind that they are filling themselves up with huge portions of sugar!

towards the end you could tell it was going to their heads
as several of them decided it was fun to dip their faces into their
uneaten portions of cake and run to look at themselves in
the mirror.
Early face painting?

A fun day was had by all.


  1. Just read these last two posts, what a wonderful place to take girls for a b day party. Love all of it, the place, the art, their art and the pure glee on all their faces. aren't kids just too wonderful for words?And I really cannot believe they are 7 now.

  2. Yes, I can barely remember those giggling girl gatherings of my daughter. Noisy is all I can really remember. Esepcially the slumber parties. Noone ever slept. Ha... Your sketches will be a sweet rememberance.

  3. i love it. dipping faces into the cake! it is so warm-heartening to see your granddaughter surrounded by friends on her special day.

  4. It all looks like a fun time. It was nice that the twins got separate birthdays, but I suspect it took some planning and coordinating. Looks like YOU had as much fun painting as the girls had. But I don't see the picture of YOU putting your face in cake (grin).

  5. This is a great sketch Lynn. I love how you put the wall of paintings in it too. Very fun feeling. Did you have your own table to work at and did they charge you for working in their shop? :)))Was wondering if those are copies of masters or did some one paint them? I love that wall. Every one looked like they loved every minute of the party.

  6. Good Morning Lynn, I wrote down the names from your picture. Did you ever have it on your blog? I hope that you are not upset that I have it. I don't take pictures from anyone. If I find something I like, it is mostly from places where they are a give away. I am sorry and I will let it be known that this was your photo. It is so darn cute, It just seemed right for coming back to you all. Hugs, mary

  7. I knew that you were never fully dressed without a smile but I hadn't thought of icing to top it all off. I will definitely try this next time I get the chance. How fun can that be!!! Seems I have just been sitting up to straight and proper and not really enjoying myself like I should.

    Thanks for the reminder to let it all go and eat the icing too.

  8. Good place for gathering! I hope to find the time machine and do some wonders!


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