Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My grand daughter said:

"Grandma, I want to draw you"
and then you draw me!" So we did. I liked how she left the right amount of room for me to draw her
sitting next to me at the dining table. She sat on one side as I posed; then she posed on her side and I drew and painted her. Then she added the brown table and the sky and I added the sides.
I am so impressed with this just turned seven year olds' artistic abilities. I have taught her "to just draw what she sees, relax and let the pen follow your eye." And she does it. She looks, draws, peeks, draws some more. I think we both felt good about our finished painting. We used black ink and a little small Koi watercolors Pocket Field Sketch box of paints and a small water brush.

PS: Henry sends his love. He has been hanging out outside a lot this summer. He loves it when it gets hot and on the balmy nights he only comes in to eat and wants to go out again. Maybe every third night he sleeps inside with us.



  1. This is a drawing to treasure. Its really very cute and she did a wonderful job of capturing the essence. I hope she keeps it up as she grows into teenhood. Which is when it tends to go away for awhile. You did a great job on her too.

  2. what fun to do a dual portrait like this. so wonderful you have such resonance with your grandkids.

    I read lisa's poems a # of times. Some are hard some become more accessible as i learn her language/image making ways. a lovely book.

  3. Give me the eyes and wonder of a child!!! What great fun, Lynn! She did a fabulous job. Definitely has a bit of your creative DNA!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  4. Beautiful!
    You will treasure that memory for a long long time to come!

  5. lynn, these posts are so sweet! xo

  6. What fun you have with your Granddaughter. She did a marvelous job as did her Grandma.


    i'm thinking she's a teenager.

    talent abounds in your family, lynn. this is so darn charming, i hope you keep it forever!


  8. Well, Lynn. I've been absent for a while, I see. Covering all three of your recent posts this looks like the most fun birthday party ever, or at least it would have been for me. These girls look like they had a blast and I'm sure they will be remembering and talking about this party for a long time. How fun!
    Happy Birthday, Yael!

  9. All what they all said, plus:
    I love her name. Beautiful, just like the girl who owns it.
    I love seeing the world through child's eyes.

    "It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child"

  10. how lovely and wonderful that you can do this with your granddaughter. what fun!

  11. Cris yes, a true treasure. And thanks.

    Suki, I'm looking forward to more fun this weekend as they are coming for a sleep over.
    so glad you you understand and enjoy Lisa's writings.

    Terri, I'd love to think you are right about the DNA. I bet she becomes even better as she is getting great encouragement at a young age.

    Kimmie, you are oh so right.

    Linda, thanks so much.

    Lisa, so sweet to hear. Thanks.

    KJ, I intend to...and leave it to her in my will. ;-)

    KatyJane, thanks it was such fun.

    Babs, thanks and such an aprapo quote!

    Mim, yes, it sure is...the BEST!!!

  12. What a beautiful piece ! Love the working as two and bringing the creation into one. Really love !

    Say hi to Henry when he comes in from gallavanting !
    Happy Thursday !

  13. What a fantastic artist she is! Takes after you! Ever tried to get Henry to do artwork of any kind? Jasper's favourite creative activity is ripping paper to shreds. On the day of the Daisy Chain launch he ripped a Daisy Chain poster I had designed and printed. I had to do a new one by hand . . . but it came out better than the printed one, so I don't mind.

  14. Oh, this is too fantastic for words, Lynn!!! What a great idea! My grandson and I will do this each year on his birth week to see how much better we get over the years!!! Your granddaughter is a great artist already!!!


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