Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Gallery "Animals, Animals, Animals" Art Show

I hopped over to the Vacaville Art Gallery today to take a look at the current show: "Animals, Animals, Animals" I will share just a few of the pieces I photographed today. And more there were so many really good pieces of art to inspire!

I tried to get all the artists names this time to give each credit for his/her work.

This owl photo on canvas is mine! I love my "Loving Local Couple" picture of our local burrowing owls. One of the first I took of them, and I think, still my favorite. Susan, the director, told me today that they are getting lots of positive comments there. Click on photo if you wish to see it enlarged.

I like the kitties underneath them too... And the ceramic dog down below...

This wonderful small collaged piece is done by a group of artists... a collaboration. They call themselves the Art Divas! And they are all exceptionally good artists.

Estelle Kirkendall works part time at the art gallery. She is always so shy about showing her work, and in fact has only been painting a very short time. But look at how talented she is. These wonderful dogs are hers.

I don't know this artist, who has several pieces in this show, each one more stunning than the one before.

Then comes my three part photo, drawing, threadpainting of Henry V. It's always a rush for me to see my art hanging in a show. Henry is feeling just a little bit proud too.

And look, I found some wonderful inspiration for the dolphin doll I am to make for my grand daughter's wish gift for her birthday!

And DH/grandpa was throwing out an old torn blue shirt tonight, which I grabbed and thought how sweet it will be for the Dolphin that is to be in different shades of blue! Like I said, there are many more pieces of wonderful art to share and I will in future posts!

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  1. Amazing artwork--I thought the leopard was a photo at first--just amazing. I have to say that the elephant is my favorite--very cool!
    And your owl photo--I would have been so surprised to see something like this (there are no owls here :)I can't even imaginge being able to get such an excellent shot like this!

  2. Wow, this place is full of inspiration. Those elephants are so striking. The dogs painting is awesome. It has such life.

  3. OOO I love those Elephants. Wish you had gotten a little better photo of it to see it better. Always love your work. and the Wolves were cool.

  4. Amazing artworks!!! So nice to be able to visit such lovely places of the Leopard's gaze, Ode to Peacock, Dogs... everything is nice indeed:)
    Good Day, Lynn:)

  5. A great exhibition Lynn. My eldest is an Aug 16th baby, and just gorgeous. Enjoy!

  6. Amazing work - and those dogs! she's been painting just a short time? wow.

    love the triple henry

  7. So cool,,,,,the feeling of seeing your work hung!
    The owls are so playful and sweet looking!

  8. Congrats on having your pieces in the show! Some wonderful work here - thanks for sharing!


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