Thursday, August 11, 2011

Counting Down The Days

August 16th is the date our next grand baby is due to arrive...but one never knows which day the baby will decide to honor us with her presence
We just know she is going to bloom and flower and will be with us soon...
Please send lots of positive energy to Jackie and Dan for a smooth, & easy, birth....thanks!
A while ago I knit this wool diaper bag for was my first ever experience of felting something in the hot washing machine. The bear in the side pocket is felted too! Yes, it was the same one I drew a while back.
It's jam packed with other goodies, baby clothes, baby album, books for baby, and blocks I knit too. I'll show them to you another time.
Sweet for me to see it sitting on a blanket my mother knit years ago for herself!
My heart is just full of love today
with all these thoughts.
And last night I got a call from my six year old grand kids,
who will turn seven this time next month; I had asked them to tell me
what they wanted me to make them
for their birthday gifts
as that is what I do.
My grand daughter had no problem coming up with something quickly;
she said "I want a stuffed toy dolphin, blue. You can use many shades of blue!"
My grand son could not decide. I told him to sleep on it and get back to me.
Can't wait to hear what he requests!
This is so much fun for me.
Lots to be grateful for on Grateful Thursday! What about you?


  1. Lovely post! That diaper bag is gorgeous. Fingers crossed for smooth delivery of baby :-). Can't wait to see the dolphin you make!

  2. Well done you...
    Can't wait to hear what grandson wants.
    wishing happy thoughts to baby
    Take care

  3. Your post sounds so light airy and full of love. I hope your newest Grand arrives without any drama. I will certainly keep them all in my prayers. What fun making something for the older Grands. Have a great weekend splashing around with the dolphin. I know it will end up being something spectacular and filled with love.

  4. Wont be long now.. A new addition will be added to your lovely family. More Gifts to make. Love the diaper bag.. it came out great. Love that your GDaughter picked SHADES of blue for her dolphin.. Got to love em. Wonder what your GSon will pick. Stay tuned....:))

  5. an exciting time for you, new grandchild soon to appear, birthdays coming up for the other two. how rich your life is.

  6. A beautiful time of anticipation for you all! Love your crafty work Lynn and the flower pics are gorgeous!

  7. I love that bag! Good luck with the new baby!

  8. All the best, you bet, for a smooth, easy, and fast delivery!
    So very exciting!
    Awesome bag Lynn,,,and the Teddy just sooooo cute!
    Aren't grandkids a trip?

  9. Thank you all for your good wishes for the birth of our grand baby coming soon.

    And I'm glad you like the diaper bag and teddy.

    Yes, grand children enrich our lives no end! ;-)

    Still haven't heard what grandson wants as his wish gift yet.

  10. Fabulous diaper bag! Wish I'd had one that cool.

  11. Oh Lynn, I love that diaper bag and the bear is such a sweet touch.


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