Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Smiling DH and MORE Sea Side Flowers!!! (Girlfriends All)

I thought I'd post this photos of my DH (or boyfriend) tonight to show his smiling face... as I have been and continue to be inundated
with visits to and from
girlfriends of mine
from the past, and from the present...
and he is handling it all very very well. Thanks sweetheart, as today TWO MORE girlfriends
are coming to visit me/us; one from Oregon bringing a friend of hers and is spending the night; and another from Santa Cruz, who is just passing through on her way home from a visit further north from here.
I feel so darn lucky to have so many wonderful friends who are all coming out of the woodwork this summer and like so many beautiful flowers are gracing our door step with their precious feet!


  1. Lucky you. DH is probably enjoying the beautiful flowers passing through right now. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. lucky you is m y reaction too. to be blessed with so many friends is such a....blessing! and a sweet smiling DH

  3. This seems the summer that keeps giving. How fun to be in contact with so many Good friends all at once. Enjoy. The flowers are lovely.

  4. It's so much fun to have friends and even more fun when the friends take time to visit. You are truly BLESSED! And your photos are beyond gorgeous, too!

  5. You and Mim are both having a fast, fun and furious summer. I'm tired just from reading about your adventures. And you say I'm busy!

  6. You are a rich woman.



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