Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sea Gulls, Sea Lions, Cormorants, Pelican Vanity and One Land Logged Cat.

Showing off close up ability of my new camera!
Thanks for posing Mr. Gull.
At the Tides Inn in Bodega Bay
Kayaks for Mim
Several Sea Lions swam here!
Five Cormorants stood guard!
One pelican premed and premed herself.
We saw plenty of whales too arching out of the water, diving down again, but
never up long enough to catch it on camera. Back home I got started on a second project. I don't usually do 2 projects
at once. But this one has a deadline. And I can't even post about it
as it has to remain a secret until it's due to be shown Sept. 30th
on Quilts Around the World Blog.
But I can show a hint
and I am,
Henry V
is sitting on it!
Happy Animal Wednesday
Our deepest condolences to Cris and Con for having to say goodbye to their sweet Nikki yesterday.
May she rest peacefully in kitty heaven.


  1. Yes the new camera seems to be working just fine, lovely photos.

  2. wow - the new camera is awesome! But it still takes a good eye to catch a good shot - camera or no.

    Henry seems so content there on his square of cloth.

    I feel so bad for Cris and Con - it's so hard to lose an animal,
    but happy animal wednesday anyways to all

  3. You have mastered your new camera obviously. Great shots. HAW. What a tease about your new project.

  4. What a wonderful close up of that gull! Love to see more of your pictures with that new camera.

  5. gull close up is amazing. yes, sad about Nikki.

    Henry is just helping you keep the secret secret

  6. All of your photos are wonderful and delightful ... but those seagull shots are amazing. I love 'em

    Carolyn x

  7. Oh Henry :-). Kisses
    Lovely photos.
    Chris and Con, so sorry for your loss, I just lost 3 pets in the last 9 months and I know how it hurts.

  8. I do love that camera of yours. These are great photos. Thanks for caring about our loss of Nikki & helping me to deal with what I had to do. Its going to be awhile before I get used to her being gone. So thanks for all the caring comments.

  9. Hi there!

    Just popped over from Kate's Korner and thought i'd say hi! Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing. As i scrolled thru your posts i'd have to agree with you "Something about sunflowers'. I love them too! Please do stop by and say hi! deb

  10. Wonderful pictures Lynn! Enjoying your new camera? Great results and how awesome to see all those animals!
    Hugs for Henry!

  11. Oh that camera is awesome. Love those photos.

    Hi Henry.


  12. Thanks all, glad you are appreciating the results from camera too. And thanks Mim for giving me credit as well. :-)

    Annie sorry for the loss of your three pets as well.

    Deb welcome!

    Yes, Suki, Henry is good at helping keep secrets!!!!
    And shedding all over clean fabric!

    Henry says Hi to all; oh does he love this attention!!!!

    Cris, be gentle with yourself.

  13. Fab pics Lynn - that seagull is terrific!

  14. I love Bodega bay!!! Great shots Lynn. love the angle of the pelican preening herself.

    I'm very behind with family here from germany, visiting here and there when I can. I won't catch up on every post :(

    oooh, a new secret project!! Can't wait to see it.

  15. Beautiful shots, Lynn!

  16. Henry wouldn't be Henry if he didn't inspire at least a chuckle. And once again, I must say I love the wildlife you have in your area!


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