Saturday, August 6, 2011

Two Girlfriends Visit in One Day!

This is MY hammock where I hang out reading in our backyard...but sometimes DH gets there first! On Thursday I got a call from my friend Lisa who told me she'd be passing though our town on her way home to Santa Cruz from visiting her SIL in Grass Valley. Could we arrange to get together? Well sure! It worked out that I was done work early and she came over for lunch. Lisa and I met on line in a Jewish group about ten or so years ago. We have met in person three times now! Other members of our group live in New Jersey and Atlanta, Georgia! So we feel lucky we are closer and can actually spend time together in "Real Time". (Isn't that funny?)
So I made tuna sandwiches, we sat out on the patio on my paint covered table; and caught up with our lives. She's a school principal so she and DH had lots of school stuff to chat about. And Lisa loved all the house renovations and looking at my art. It feels so good to have it all appreciated and enjoyed.
Thanks for stopping by Lisa...I love spending time with you! See you "on line". Actually we are going to plan to meet up in Berkeley sometime real soon too! Later that same day, my friend Sam, who we spend time with in Glide, Oregon on July 4th every year now for a very long time and have been friends with since the late 1970's was also going to be coming through our town on this day, but later in the afternoon. So I had a little hammock time with my book between visits.
Sam came with her friend Debbie, as they are on their way to Debbie's niece's' wedding in So. CA.
We took them to see the wild life in our part of the country.
First stop Ostriches!
And then the sunflowers! This one had a bee visiting it!
Sam was in heaven taking photos of all the sunflowers in the field.
She also liked the cows across the road. And they were clamoring to see her as well!
Then on our way to dinner we stopped to show off our owls.
Who were equally curious to meet Sam and Debbie.
They know us of course already!
We stopped to ride the horses at the New Nut Tree park!
We went to Amici's for Pizza
and then
walked a few feet to Fenton's
for ice cream for dessert!
It was a very sweet evening.
We stayed up late that night talking; they both loved seeing all my art;
and were so kind to look at EVERYTHING! I probably
overloaded and overwhelmed them making them look at it all.
But they were so effusive with compliments and awe
I couldn't stop myself.
I know, shame on me! So I sent them each home with a little art journal quilt they
had said they liked "best". The next morning we had to say our goodbyes...
As they hit the road for the next leg of their trip.
But Sam said it was an easy six hour ride to our house so
she promised she'd come again before too long.
I hope she does because I love her so!


  1. These ladies are more of your many blessings. What fun to get together. You better watch out you might lose that hammock to your sweetie.

  2. You are collecting Girlfriends this summer. :)) Looks like you had a good time visiting. I think Your DH deserved that hammock with all that Female yakking going on..:))

  3. Beautiful photos, Lynn! THose owls are adorable. How nice to spend such a good time with friends - it's always wonderful to connect with other people. And just enjoy that they love your art - you certainly deserve it. And your art IS beautiful and amazing.

  4. What a lovely day you had with all your friends coming to visit you. It's good to get together and have fun in each others company. So pleased that you had a good time.
    Judith x

  5. somebody's having a very good year....


  6. You have a pretty active day! Loved the photo of you gals on the kids horses. Really cool pic. And those owls are getting big, aren't they?

  7. Looks like you had so much fun and I can just hear the chatter. What would we do without our friends...Happy summer, Mary

  8. What a lotta fun, and you are still looking as young as ever Lynne.

  9. Great photos and lovely post. What would we do without our girlfriends?

  10. DH deserved that hammock probably,,
    all that estrogen floating around, ya know?

    So great to have your summer filled with friends, lucky you!

  11. So good to be visited by friends and having a wonderful to see you all pepped up.
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  12. Wow what a day!!!!
    Abundance of friendship!
    And I can't believe those owls are always there and looking your way!!!!They are so darn cute!
    That hammock seems wonderful!
    I am off to do some weeding.......

    Have a wonderful Sunday♥

  13. It's so lovely that you have such good friends...and they are able to visit 'just like that', I'm glad you had such a wonderful day.
    Take care

  14. such sweet friends. i love reading of how you showed and telled all your artworks. yes, when i do that i always feel i may have overwhelmed my friends. but i must say its been a long time since i had that fun opportunity.

    enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  15. Busy with reunions! I love the wildlife you have in your area. And those owls never cease to amaze me. Do you realise how many times you feature them? If only they knew they were starring in blogland.


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