Sunday, August 7, 2011

Saturday A Day of Art Beginning to End.

Saturday my day started and ended with art. In the mid morning I went to the salon to have my hair colored. Yes, I color my hair. The secret is out. I am not a natural blond. I was born a mousy brown! I took my watercolor sketchbook and drew myself and all the other women having something done to their heads of hair! When I was done there I went across the street drawn by the sounds of live music to see the chili cook-off happening in the town square; and a few artists vending their wares. I bought several pieces of very attractive glass jewelry for gifts (by Shelly Dally) and one piece for myself. I met DH for lunch and then we drove to Richmond to visit my brother Richard!click to see details if you must. I drew him too surrounded by his books! He said it wasn't a very flattering picture. Well those drawings of me aren't very flattering either. My pen does not tell lies. LOL Click again on photo to see details enlarged.
We actually went down because my brother had just had his front yard landscaped and wanted some early photos so he could compare to later photos after everything grows in. There
are lots of ground cover plants planted that will grow around the taller plants.
Everything is surround by a sprinkler and drip system that can be managed from inside his house on an automatic timer.
I'd say there is going to be some real beauty here in due time.
The three of us took a walk in the cool Bay Area temperatures
just down the street from where he lives we went into
this pretty wonderful art gallery.
They've just expanded from the smaller building on the left to a much larger
building on the right.
We were warmly greeted by this charming young man
who was very nice at answering
my many questions.
I especially liked the iron work artist Mark Canepa who is part owner of the gallery
and had many wonderful pieces showing.
These flowers were his.
I suggest clicking on photos of art and then clicking again to enlarge further
and you'll see more of his and others art on the walls behind the pieces
featured in my photos. And these "Radiant Hearts"
and these hearts too...
and this kitty...
I am guilty of not getting this artists name
Barbara F is what I remember. Sorry Barbara.
But she had a whole wall of paints about
Nummy good paintings too!
Another of Mark's works in iron.
Don't you just love the colors?
I do.
Nice glass too and again I did not write down the artists name.
I tried looking it up on line but could not find a list of
artists in this show unfortunately.
This scarab knocked me out! One of the pieces of jewelry I'd bought in the morning featured a scarab.
From there we stopped in a good Chinese restaurant and ate a hardy meal.
I love garlic spinach!
Then back to the house to talk some more
before heading home.
A full day wouldn't you say?
Tell me about yours please!


  1. Your sketches look as livley as your day sounds. What a fun time. I know you brother would hate to see what I would do with him in a sketch. Ha... Tell him he is lucky to have you.

    I went birding yesterday and then I have been making books. My last sketchbook is about filled. A good thing to be doing in this awful heat.

  2. You really had a full day yesterday. Fun drawings and fun to go visit your Brother & a Gallery too. Loved the Cat and hearts and that painting of the guy eating the ice cream. At first I thought you just took a picture of some guy eating one outside a drugstore.. Thats realistic. Yesterday We went to the Farmers Market in town taking Annie with us as other did their dogs so they got some visiting in, and walked around the duck pond enjoying the birds. Then we did a few Garage sales and visited Friends. A nice day all in all.

  3. Wow, wonderful art gallery! I like the iron work also, but Barbara's painting of the many eating ice cream is outstanding. (see me drooling!) Thanks for showing us around.
    I love your lively little sketch of your brother! This is how I wish I could sketch. I'll keep practicing.

  4. Lisa I am making a book today too!

    Cris your day sounded full and fun too! Annie is a showwoman for sure!

    Katie Jane, thank you for the huge compliment on my sketch of my brother! I am still practicing too.
    Believe me!

  5. Your day looked wonderful, Lynn! We all got up here and had a lazy day with 3 (will be 3 in a few weeks) year old Emily at her Dad's...we lounged around a bit more that usual. Then after yardwork, and housework, we all headed to lunch at a Golden Corral (buffet) and visited a scrapbook and stamp shop and found out they have an ATC club, an "inchies" club, and an altered book club that all meet on the 3rd Sundays of each month!!! Sounds like if I go to one, I may as well stay for all three!!! Then we came home and did some art with grandson and played UNO card game. It was a very fun day!

  6. You have such great art in your area! Looks like a wonderful day and how lovely to spend it with your two guys!

  7. sounds like a fun day, as you usually have on the WE. I love the picture of your bro surrounded by books. how fun.

    good people, good foods, good art, good fun.

    thanks for the tip on the knitting website. i checked it out and downloaded an Ebook for beginners.

  8. This must be a super duper fun day for you Lynn!
    Love your lively fast sketches.
    It's great to utilise time to the fullest!
    Thanks for your suggestion. I clicked and see many more cool artworks more clearly!
    I want to visit to anart gallery!


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