Monday, August 8, 2011

New Cloth Paper Art Journal for Sale

On Sunday I got out paints paper, muslin, iron, embroidery floss, needle, and buttons and put together this sixteen (16) page journal you can write in, draw in and/or collage in. The owl and sunflower photos are iron on transfers which can be written over in pen quite nicely. These inside pages, which open to a 12 inch spread, are double strips of newspaper glued together then painted with acrylic paint. Then dried and hand stitched to the strips of torn muslin. They too look great written on with black pen. Or they could be collaged as well.
Every other page is photos of owls and sunflowers from my collection of personal photography.
They are hand stitched around the stitching that shows from the back of the stitches from the previous and next pages.
I like how the newsprint shows through in places for that arty funky look. Notice how flat the pages lay open.
I hand stitched the binding in a way that allows for this to happen.
I can imagine you collaging further on the photos or writing across them Or as a friend suggested you could make up a story about the owls and flowers
and give it to a child. It's soft to hold and touch.
What story do you see yourself adding to these wonderful blank pages?
Some of the photos are glossy and some matte finished.
What would you like to write or draw here?
And of course your story would have a happy ending.
Unless someone scoops this up quickly here it will be in my ETSY store soon.
A full days work = $20 price tag ;-)


  1. Fantastic! Ideal gift for a child, to get him/her being creative with storytelling.

  2. How wonderful. Love that new blog banner, too.

  3. What a fun book. but I dont think I could write all over those cute photos. It would be cute for a childs story. I do love your new banner pix too.

  4. I love the kid idea too. Might make two more for my grandkids for their birthdays next month. They'll be 7 and both are writing stories at school. Think I'll make theirs larger.

  5. Your header knocked my sox off!

    Awesome sketchbook,,,,and I too am a big fan of the stiched, newspapery-funky feel.
    Great work!

  6. you are so inventive. this is lovely and i esp like the soft feel and the way it opens.

  7. I am sure a story about the owls and the sunflowers would be nice but if it were me I would probably be writing about all sorts of nature goings on. I think this is just great. It must be in the air. I just finished a 5th journal. This heat keeping me inside makes me want to do wintery projects. I say this because I usually make journals during winter.

  8. This is so beautiful!! You probably can imagine that I really like the owl pictures. Your new banner is fantastic as well - gorgeous sunflower.

  9. You are a creative genius, Lynn. Someone will love this journal. I have so many and can never think of what to put in them (I am blocked in this way)!!! I need help!
    Your grandchildren would really like some especially for them!


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